An amateur couple looking for objects using a metal detector made the discovery of their life by finding a treasure that is estimated to be worth £ 5 million (about $ 5.5 million).

Adam Staples and Lisa Grace, both 42, discovered no less than 2,571 silver coins – many of them in perfect condition – and each could reach a valuation of between £ 1,000 and £ 5,000 each (between $ 1,110 and $ 5,550).

Among the coins you can find some with the face of King Harold II, who was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, and coins of William, the Conqueror, dating from before the Norman invasion in 1066.

The couple of treasure hunters made the discovery in the city of Somerset, England, in the month of January, but the discovery was made public until these days, as experts were evaluating and cataloging the coins all this time.

As required by law, the couple had to notify the county officials of the treasure and handed the coins to the British Museum for evaluation. The latter institution will decide if the coins remain in the care of the museum or are returned to the couple.

If they stay in the museum, it will pay Staples and Grace 50% of the total value of the treasure. And if the museum decides to return the coins, then they could be free to sell it as they wish.

Experts say the coins probably belonged to an important and wealthy person who, surely, buried them to make them safer.

Staples and Grace made the discovery using a metal detector in a field that was on a farm.

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