Riham Said, through her personal account on the photo site Instagram, posted a video of her after being investigated by the Supreme Media Council today.

"She was an obese patient," Reham Said said during the video. "I can't bully people. I'm part of them. My aunt and uncle died of obesity.

"People took 30 seconds of the episode, and the course of the two episodes swept," she said.

The media Riham Said said that it launched a campaign to treat patients with obesity, has been looking for 7 months for doctors and hospitals for free treatment, with the aim of helping the Egyptians to recover from this disease.

The channel had recently announced the suspension of the program "Sabaya" until the completion of the investigation of the highest media with Reham Said for what she said about women who are obese in the episode of her program.

It is worth mentioning that the National Council for Women has filed a complaint with the Supreme Media Council over Reham Said's recent statements on obesity.


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