Coronavirus Live News: The death toll is over 20,000 worldwide as Spain overtakes China as the second worst country

Ricardo Salinas Pliego has also blown up the idea of ​​quarantine and business shutdown, calling it a cure worse than the disease and downplaying the dangers of the Virus 19 virus.

In a flood of tweets late Tuesday night – and the accompanying coverage of his TV station TV Azteca – he questioned the severity of the coronavirus pandemic. claim“We have to choose between fear and reason.”

“In most cases, although the rate of infection is high, the disease shows little or no symptoms. We also know that it is not very fatal,” Salinas tweeted. He tweeted that some high-risk populations should isolate themselves.

Meanwhile, TV Azteca was quietly broadcasting a part of the annual Salinas Holding Grupo Salinas meeting in which the founder praised the president’s prudent approach to Covid-19 containment measures – a warning that would lead to social unrest.

“What could be fatal is an economic crisis,” said Salinas. “It seems like we’re dying from coronavirus but instead of hunger” he continuedAdding isolation could lead to looting and social violence.

Salinas, Mexico’s second richest man, also defended President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, claiming that the “Toff opposition” – to use the President’s words for his critics – used the pandemic as an excuse to attack the President.

López Obrador gained power as a left-wing populist, but his followers quickly spread Salinas’ opinion of covid19 and were skeptical of the impact of the pandemic.

AMLO, as López Obrador is called, has been reluctant to impose severe Covid-19 disputes, such as quarantines or mass meeting cancellations, and argued that such steps would harm the economy of a country where more than half of the population worked informally.

Mexico entered Phase II of the pandemic on Tuesday, which meant that the spread of the community had started. The country has so far reported 402 cases of covid19.



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