Corona virus: washing hands makes hands rough? So the skin stays healthy

Berlin. Washing hands, again and again. For 20 to 30 seconds. What is supposed to protect us from infection with the novel corona virus is also a strain on the skin. Because the soap puts enormous strain on their protective mechanisms. But everyone can follow a few important tips and protect their skin – without neglecting hand washing, the Berlin dermatologist and author Yael Adler knows.

Soaping the hands with a classic alkaline soap damages the skin because of it Acid protective jacket is destroyed. “It takes eight hours for this protection to form again from sweat and skin breakdown products,” says Adler.

However, if you wash your hands even more often – as is explicitly recommended in the current situation – the skin has no chance of putting on a protective coat. “As a result, our skin has one reduced defense against pathogens of all kinds, ”says the dermatologist.

Sugar or coconut surfactants help against rough corona hands

In order to attack the protective acid mantle less strongly, Adler recommends using acid synthetic surfactants as a washing substance. “But make sure here that you contain no fragrances and preservatives “, says the dermatologist. Her tip: sugar or coconut surfactants that degrease the least aggressively. You can often buy them in a health food store.

In addition to the protective acid mantle, the epidermis and sebum oils on the skin also suffer from constant hand washing – it dries out. To counteract this breakdown of the natural fat layer, the Hands are regularly applied with cream.

100 percent unrefined shea butter

“Here I recommend products that firstly have one Protective layer against the renewed washing attack secondly, fill up the missing grease and repair the protective film, ”says Adler.

Appropriate creams, such as those recommended for neurodermatitis, are available, for example in the pharmacy. “My favorite product is 100 percent unrefined shea butter,” says Adler. Even after washing, a thin film remains on the skin.

Also, according to the dermatologist Urea is a popular natural moisturizing factor. He could help, because the effect of a greasy cream that traps moisture increases. “Great for dry skin. But be careful, it can burn on open spaces. “

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Protection against coronavirus: disinfectants also kill the good bacteria

The use of disinfectants can also strain the skin, says Adler, “because the agents don’t just destroy them bad pathogens like the corona virus, but also the good bacteria that protect the skin ”. As a rule, warm water and a washing substance are sufficient.

In addition to the external care, it is important to build up the skin from the inside, emphasizes Adler. For this it is important to do something good for your gut microbiome with a healthy diet.

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This belongs on the menu for healthy skin:

The menu includes chicory, asparagus, salsify, artichoke, beetroot, watermelon, white peach or cooled potatoes – all of that Fertilizer for the good bacteria in the intestine.

“Also probiotic foods, such as unpasteurized sauerkraut or original Greek yogurt with living bacteria that make the microbiome of the intestine and skin diverse and therefore robust, ”says Adler. Micronutrients in food, such as zinc, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids or selenium, help the skin metabolism to work well and regenerate the skin from the inside.

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