Corona virus live ticker: +++ 20:54 Italy extends lockdown until at least mid-April +++

In Italy, the curfew will continue over Easter. Minister of Health Roberto Speranza said in Rome that the country-wide curfew ordered three weeks ago would still apply at least until April 12. The government is thus following the recommendation of its scientific advisory board to maintain all measures to contain the pandemic.

+++ 20:30 three more corona dead in Würzburg retirement home +++
Three people infected with the coronavirus died again at the St. Nikolaus retirement home in Würzburg. The district office in Würzburg announced that there were two women aged 105 and 94 and an 88 year old man. All three had suffered from severe previous illnesses. The home only reported the death of an 80-year-old on Sunday evening. A total of 17 people died in the Würzburg area after a Covid 19 disease, the majority of them in the elderly facility. The remaining residents of the home who tested positive for the virus were isolated on weekends within the facility.

+++ 20:24 Iran hires printed newspapers +++
In Iran, which has been particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic, printed newspapers and magazines should no longer appear for the time being. “To effectively implement the plan to reduce social contacts approved by the Ministry of Health, no newspapers are to be printed by the specified date (April 8) and are only to be published online,” the state-run news agency IRNA quoted a spokesman for the Corona crisis team in the Interior Ministry. Around 65 newspapers and magazines are currently appearing in the country, including the sports newspapers that are very popular with Iranians. Iran has been suffering from the corona crisis since February. According to the Ministry of Health, more than 40,000 infections and 2,757 Covid-19 deaths have been registered so far.

+++ 19:50 WHO: infection now takes place more at home than on the street +++
With strict exit restrictions to contain the coronavirus introduced in many countries, the risk of infection is now lurking in the family. “In most parts of the world, because of the initial restrictions, most contagions are now in the home, in the family,” said World Health Organization (WHO) emergency coordinator Michael Ryan. “In a sense, the transmission from the street to families has been pushed.” Therefore, everyone at home should strictly monitor their health. Suspected cases should be recognized quickly and separated from the other family members. Confirmed cases should be isolated and family members who may have been infected remain in quarantine. Only if this is guaranteed can one think about relaxing the strict exit restrictions, Ryan said. Each country must find a practical way for such measures.

+++ 19:30 Third test with Chancellor Merkel negative +++
No infection was found in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s third test for the novel corona virus. This was announced by a government spokesman in Berlin. He added: “The Chancellor will continue to do business from her home quarantine in the next few days.”

+++ 19:19 EU releases billions against the Covid 19 crisis +++
Several billion euros from the EU coffers are expected to cushion the effects of the Covid 19 crisis from Wednesday. The Council of 27 Member States claims to have taken two decisions, which will release a total of 37 billion euros for these purposes. 8 billion euros come from structural and investment funds that the Member States did not spend as planned last year. You can keep the money and use it to fight the corona virus. 29 billion will be paid out early to countries to strengthen their health systems and support small and medium-sized businesses, short-time working arrangements and community-based services.

+++ 18:57 majority of Germans for stricter measures +++
According to a Forsa survey commissioned by ntv, more than half of Germans support stricter exit restrictions nationwide. 55 percent of those questioned are in favor, 42 percent opposed this. 88 percent of respondents thought it was right that the measures in place to contain the epidemic should continue for at least another three weeks. Only 10 percent of Germans advocate early easing of the measures.

+++ 18:20 Berlin wants to impose heavy fines +++
The Berlin Senate may want to impose a catalog of fines for violations of contact and exit restrictions tomorrow. According to the draft, which the Tagesspiegel reports, violations of the minimum distance in public spaces would in future cost 50 to 500 euros. Those who are unable to identify themselves despite having to show identification must pay 25 to 75 euros. Anyone who is outside of his apartment without a valid reason must expect a fine of up to 500 euros. The fines are even higher if someone opens a store despite a ban. Anyone who opens a company that should actually have closed must expect a fine of up to 10,000 euros according to the draft. Operators of companies that are still open but do not follow the prescribed hygiene measures have to pay up to 2500 euros.

+++ 18:15 hospital ship reaches New York +++
A US Navy hospital ship has arrived in the city of New York to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The 272 meter long “USNS Comfort” reached the port of the metropolis. The floating hospital with a thousand sick beds and twelve operating theaters is supposed to relieve the New York clinics. Coronavirus patients are not treated on the “USNS Comfort”. To do this, other patients can be transferred to the ship to give hospitals more capacity for coronavirus patients. The state of New York and the city of the same name are particularly hard hit by the pandemic. More than 60,000 cases of infection were confirmed there – that’s almost half of all infections nationwide. The hospitals in New York are increasingly overcrowded. As a result, several temporary hospitals are being set up in the state to create more capacity. The pandemic is expected to peak in about two to three weeks in the United States. Last week the hospital ship “USNS Mercy” reached the city of Los Angeles on the US west coast.

+++ 18:13 medical president: after corona recovery loosen contact lock +++
According to the German Medical Association, the contact block should be relaxed for people who have overcome a corona infection. It would be good to test as many Germans as possible for antibodies. “Anyone who is immune because they have the infection behind them could then go back to work and participate in social life,” said Klaus Reinhardt, President of the Medical Association. “These people would be the first to be released into normal life. The big advantage is that they are neither endangered nor endanger others.

+++ 18:10 high school student fails with complaint +++
The Wiesbaden Administrative Court rejected a student’s urgent application to suspend the Abitur exam in Hesse due to the imminent health risk posed by the corona virus. The court said in its statement published on Monday that it could not request a temporary suspension for all students in the country because it lacked the right to apply for it. She also had no claim to the suspension of her own exams. The Abitur exams in Hessen are subject to stricter hygiene conditions. The test groups must be kept small and the distances between the examinees large in order to avoid infection.

+++ 18:04 Paris Motor Show is canceled +++
The international auto show in Paris will not take place as planned due to the spread of the corona virus. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Paris Motor Show Mondial de l’Automobile had to be canceled “in its current form”, the organizers said. “We are investigating all alternative solutions in close cooperation with our main partners,” it said in a message. No further details were initially known. The motor show was planned for October this year at the Porte de Versailles convention center in Paris. It takes place alternately with the Frankfurt auto show.

+++ 17:59 Turkey quarantines several villages +++
Turkey has quarantined several residential areas in 18 provinces due to the coronavirus crisis. From Monday afternoon, 39 areas, including a small town and 28 villages, were sealed off, the Interior Ministry said. The names of the provinces affected were not mentioned. Turkey has reported just over 9,000 coronavirus cases and 131 deaths from Covid-19. The authorities do not disclose a regional breakdown of the cases.

+++ 17:56 ‘I Love Rock’ n ‘Roll’ singer Alan Merrill succumbs to Covid-19 +++
Alan Merrill, the frontman of the rock band Arrows and songwriter of the rock anthem “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”, died of Covid-19. His daughter Laura Merrill announced his death on social media. “The corona virus took my father this morning. I was given two minutes to say goodbye before being pushed out.” Alan Merrill was 69 years old.

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+++ 17:31 Drosten: Corona in nursing homes “start of a new development” +++
From the perspective of virologist Christian Drosten, coronavirus cases in German nursing homes mark a new phase in the epidemic, which is also associated with more reported deaths. “We are now seeing the entries in retirement homes, for example, and have the beginning of a new development here,” said Drosten in his NDR podcast. So far, Germany had also been a bit lucky: First of all, it was younger, sporty people like skiers who infected the virus from vacation and spread it in their networks of about the same age. Most of these people experienced mild illnesses. Because of several effects at the same time, one will inevitably see an increase in the reported case mortality, said Drosten. You can already see this in the statistics: It is no longer 0.2 to 0.4, but in the range of 0.8 percent. This is due to the fact that different age groups than before are affected by Sars-CoV-2. In addition, diagnostics can no longer keep up with exponential development: “I do not believe that we can realistically significantly increase our current test capacity,” said Drosten with regard to PCR tests. More than half a million of these could currently be made in Germany every week. However, the Charité virologist says that he is uncertain how long the industry can continue to meet the great need for laboratory reagents.

More about this here.

+++ 17:14 US agency allows reuse of breathing masks +++
In view of the lack of respiratory masks, a certain type of sterilization of already used masks is now permitted in the USA. N95 masks used by hospital staff may be sterilized and reused up to 20 times, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said. It was “reasonable” to assume that sterilization effectively eliminated the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. This advantage outweighs “the known and potential risks,” the FDA said. According to the manufacturer Battelle, special machines are able to sterilize up to 80,000 respirators a day. In the sterilization apparatus, the masks are treated with hydrogen peroxide vapor, among other things, for 2.5 hours. The masks should not contain cellulose for the process. A few years ago, the company had tried an FDA study to decontaminate N95 masks in the event of a pandemic. According to the FDA, the project had “successfully demonstrated the feasibility” of sterilizing the respirators in the test.

+++ 17:02 EU decides to suspend slot rules for airlines +++
Airlines retain their take-off and landing rights at European airports without the constant use of these slots in the current summer flight schedule. The European Union has decided to change the rules accordingly. The decision is due to appear in the EU Official Journal on Tuesday and will thus become final. Normally, airlines have to use at least 80 percent of their slots so that their machines can start or land at the same times in the next season. However, the restrictions caused by the corona virus crisis have largely brought air traffic to a standstill in Europe. The EU therefore suspended the rule from March 1 to October 24. For flights to and from China that were first affected by cancellations, the exemption also applies retrospectively from January 23.

+++ 17:00 Brandenburg also extends restrictions +++
Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke wants to extend the restrictions on going out due to the Corona crisis by two weeks. The stipulations also for staying in public space should go until April 19, he said. The cabinet in Potsdam wants to pass a corresponding regulation on Tuesday.

+++ 16:35 Madrid: ice rink and forensics institute become morgues +++
Due to the massive number of corona deaths in Spain, a second building in Madrid has been converted into a morgue – the new forensic institute in the Valdebebas development area near the airport. The 1,800-square-meter ice rink in the Madrid ice rink has been used to lay out the dead for days, because the funeral directors are completely overloaded. The Institute for Forensic Anatomy is the first completed building of the planned “Justice City” in northeast Madrid and can hold up to 230 bodies. The military is now also helping to transport the coffins. Madrid is the epicenter of the crisis in Spain. There, the number of people with proven infection with the Sars-CoV-2 virus is more than 24,000.

+++ 16:20 Deichmann defends stop of rent payments +++
Deichmann has defended its decision to temporarily stop renting its 1,500 branches in Germany. “We never said that we would no longer pay rent. We asked our landlords to defer our rent,” said CEO and owner Heinrich Deichmann. “If a landlord is unable to cope with a deferral economically, we will help him and then we will also pay the rent,” said Deichmann. Germany’s largest shoe retailer is currently in talks with those affected. However, the entrepreneur left no doubt that he expected concessions from the landlords in view of the state-ordered closings. “We will ask the landlords to cover part of the rent damage,” he said. Deichmann emphasized that the shoe retailer was fundamentally well funded. But the coronavirus crisis is also a challenge for him.

+++ 16:18 economy warns of “irreparable damage” +++
The Continental and Linde Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Wolfgang Reitzle, warns of irreparable damage to the economy due to exit restrictions and contact closures that extend beyond April. “Capital” quotes the well-known manager: “Every week there will be irreparable damage to our economy. Many smaller companies will die and can no longer be revived. But corporations are also at risk.” With a duration of more than four or five weeks, this would lead to an immense loss of prosperity for many people. The economy would have to start up again by April 27 at the latest.

Dax 9,815.97

+++ 15:58 Germany: 1100 people currently on ventilators +++
Around 7,000 people are currently being treated with Covid-19 in hospitals in Germany. Around 1,500 of these are in intensive care units, of whom around 1,100 have to be ventilated. We have managed to increase the important ventilation places in the field of intensive care medicine from 20,000 places to 30,000 in the meantime, “said the President of the German Hospital Society Gerald Gass. The further development now depends very much on the supply of additional ventilation devices by the industry The Federal Government had ordered 10,000 new ventilators to increase capacity in the hospitals.

+++ 15:57 Saxony-Anhalt postpones graduation +++
Saxony-Anhalt postpones the Abitur exams because of the Corona crisis by at least one week. The first written exams are scheduled to start on May 4, the Ministry of Education announced. That is a week later than planned. The roughly 5,700 young people affected are also given the option to take the test in June instead of in May. Then there will be a second round for all high school subjects, it said. In addition, the last day of school will be postponed by a week to April 30th. Before that, Saxony-Anhalt had already decided to postpone the exams until they finished secondary school.

+++ 15:57 Tegel remains open +++
Despite significantly restricted flight operations, Berlin Airport Tegel remains open for the time being. The question of a temporary closure should only be resolved after Easter. The shareholders of Berlin’s airports Tegel and Schönefeld decide that the management of Tegel will continue to prepare “the application for exemption from operating duties”, but will only present it after Easter. In addition, the owners – the federal government and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg – will provide the operating company FBB with up to EUR 300 million in additional equity capital due to the burdens caused by the Corona crisis.

+++ 15:55 number of infections in Germany very different regionally +++
The number of infections in Germany is very unevenly distributed. The metropolises and major cities are of course most severely affected by the spread of the corona virus. However, the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants is considerably higher in some districts than in Berlin, Munich or Cologne.

+++ 16:11 Prince Charles recovered +++
The British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, has been released from self-isolation after his surviving corona infection. This was announced by a spokesman for his residence Clarence House. Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son had shown only mild symptoms. He had continued to work during his isolation and held conference calls, among other things. No infection has been found in his wife, Duchess Camilla. The couple, 71 and 72 years old, had withdrawn to Scotland. The Queen and her husband Prince Philip are at Windsor Castle near the British capital


Prince Charles and Camilla in April 2019.

(Photo: imago images / i Images)

+++ 15:41 Also in Saarland restrictions until April 20 +++
The state government of Saarland has also extended the exit restrictions in connection with the coronavirus up to and including April 20. Prime Minister Tobias Hans announced. “In view of the developments, we consider an extension of the measures in the convoy of the other federal states to be urgently required,” he emphasized.

+++ 15:35 heart problems after taking “Corona means” in France +++
In France, several people got dangerous arrhythmia after taking an alleged anti-coronavirus drug without medical supervision. In some cases, even admission to an intensive care unit was necessary, the regional health authority in Bordeaux said. People had taken the active ingredient hydroxychloroquine. The remedy is actually used against malaria. The health authority warned that it “should never be taken for self-medication”, but only under the supervision of a doctor

+++ 15:30 High death rate in the Netherlands +++
The Netherlands again recorded a significant increase in the number of infected people. 884 new infections have been counted in the last 24 hours. The total number of infected people is now 11,750. The total number of patients admitted to the hospital or who are still there is 2,990. The number of people who died from Covid-19 illness rose to 864 people, 93 more than the previous day.

+++ 15:28 Controversial Corona Emergency Law in Hungary passed +++
Prime Minister Viktor Orban has significantly expanded his power with the help of the Corona crisis: Parliament in Budapest approved by a clear majority a government bill that now enables Orban to rule by decree in the event of an emergency of unlimited duration. Critics in Hungary and abroad accuse Orban of using the pandemic as an excuse to further expand the power of his national conservative government. According to the law, the government can extend the state of emergency on March 11 due to the pandemic indefinitely without parliamentary approval. It is given the right to “suspend the application of certain laws by decree”, to fail to comply with fixed requirements and “to introduce other exceptional measures to guarantee the stability of life, health, the personal and material security of citizens and the economy”.

+++ 15:21 Empire State Building is pounding red +++
A throbbing glimmer of hope over the roofs of New York: Illuminated in red like a pulsating heart, the empire’s empire state building encouraged the Corona crisis. “The heart of New York beats fast,” says the Twitter account of the world-famous skyscraper, whose lights can be seen like a lighthouse from all corners of the city at night. These days, a light show is shown on the skyscraper, which is synchronized with the New York anthem “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys. Citizens of the metropolis who have to stay at home because of the pandemic can stream the song in parallel during the show. New York is particularly affected by the Corona crisis, with nearly 1,000 deaths already reported. Almost every second infected person comes from the New York area.

+++ 14:54 Lower Saxony imposes admission stop for nursing homes +++
After several corona deaths in a Wolfsburg nursing home, the state of Lower Saxony imposed an admission freeze on all relevant facilities. State Minister for Social Affairs Carola Reimann just said in Hanover. This affects people who need short-term care from the hospital or who come from home. A corresponding rescue fund from the country is available for financial failures of the facilities. The only exceptions are nursing homes, which could guarantee a 14-day quarantine for new residents. In the Hanns-Lilje-Heim for dementia patients in Wolfsburg, the number of corona patients who died died on Monday afternoon at 17.

+++ 14:40 Esprit before bankruptcy +++
With Esprit, a first big name in Germany announces: We can’t keep it up. Several Esprit German subsidiaries are insolvent, the company said in a statement. Protective shield proceedings have been applied for in order to protect themselves against claims by creditors. A court-appointed property administrator is responsible for supervision, while the company management is to remain in control. As part of the procedure, liabilities and leases are to be “restructured”. “This is the right move for Esprit because the coronavirus pandemic is having a dramatic impact on our business,” said Esprit CEO Anders Kristiansen. According to the company, state aid is to be used in some cases to ensure employees’ salaries. Even before the Corona crisis, the company, which is based in Ratingen but is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, was already in the red – for the 2018/2019 financial year ended June 2018, lastly 2.14 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 248 million euros).

+++ 14:36 ​​Bund has delivered 20 million respirators +++
The federal government has now procured 20 million urgently needed respirators for the fight against the corona virus. They were delivered to states and statutory health insurance associations for distribution to clinics, medical practices and nursing homes, as a spokesman for the Ministry of Health said. The procurement of protective equipment continues. Companies in other industries have also switched and manufactured masks, including in the textile industry. When asked whether private individuals should also wear masks, the government made it clear that this was a voluntary decision – normal non-medical mouth and nose protection could protect others from infection. This may be “a useful addition,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert. However, it should not lead to a false sense of security and that one should then neglect hygiene rules such as keeping one’s distance and washing hands.


Armin Laschet, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, is following a press appointment at the start of the virtual hospital at RWTH Aachen University Hospital for treatment in a connected hospital. He wears a face mask because of the corona pandemic – but not quite right: the nose also belongs under it.

(Photo: dpa)

+++ 14:31 Merkel does another corona test +++
Chancellor Angela Merkel is undergoing a third corona test earlier this week. As government spokesman Steffen Seibert explained, he would inform the public as soon as a result was available. In all quarantine questions, Merkel follows the recommendations of the doctors and the Robert Koch Institute, emphasized Seibert. The chancellor had quarantined at home because of contact with a doctor who had tested positive for the corona virus. From there it continues to run government affairs. However, two previous tests had been negative at Merkel.

+++ 14:15 Two more dead in the Wolfsburg nursing home +++
Two other people died in the Hanns-Lilje-Heim in Wolfsburg after being infected with the corona virus. This increases the number of victims in the old people’s home and care home for dementia sufferers to 17. Most of them had no symptoms of Covid 19 before death, the city said. “On Sunday, we had a total of 79 positive people tested in the home,” said Wolfsburg Mayor Klaus Dieter Mohrs. In order to prevent further infections, positive and negative tested residents were strictly separated from each other.

+++ 14:08 Netanyahu in quarantine +++
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in quarantine as a precaution because one of his counselors has been infected with the corona virus. The head of government and his close staff would remain in quarantine until the necessary investigations were completed, his office said. The Ministry of Health and Netanyahu’s personal doctor would then end the quarantine. Previously, Netanyahu’s strict religious advisor had been tested positive for Sars-CoV-2, Israeli media reported.

+++ 14:05 Summer Olympics start in July 2021 +++
The Tokyo Olympics will take place from July 23rd to August 8th next year. This was confirmed by the Organizing Committee of the Games and the International Olympic Committee. Originally, the second summer games in Japan’s metropolis after 1964 were to take place from July 24 to August 9, 2020. But because of the corona pandemic, the IOC and host Japan agreed to postpone the games until 2021.

+++ 13:54 Bavaria continues to expand clinic capacities +++
In order to care for Corona patients in Bavaria, the Free State wants to significantly increase its clinical capacity with auxiliary hospitals. The plan provides for the reconstruction or reactivation of up to 26 clinics. As Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder explains, due to the increasing number of cases, Bavaria continues to expect a significantly higher need for nursing beds in the clinics. The transfer of doctors is currently being prepared. The state government had already announced last week that it would massively increase treatment capacities. Among other things, the number of intensive care beds at university clinics is to be doubled from 600 to 1,200 and nurses are to be retired. There are almost 4,000 intensive care beds in Bavaria’s hospitals, of which around 20 percent are unoccupied according to the state government.

+++ 13:45 Chancellor consults with the federal states on Wednesday +++
Angela Merkel wants to advise the country heads on how to proceed in the corona crisis on Wednesday. At the conference call, the current measures are to be reviewed, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said in Berlin.

+++ 13:34 government: easing of the measures acute no issue +++
The Federal Government currently sees no reason to relax the extensive restrictions on public and private life. “We need all measures unabated,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert. The infection rate is still too high to loosen the measures. The number of cases of infection currently doubles approximately every five days. You have to come “at least every ten days, better even more”.

+++ 13:15 Loriot Sketch goes viral in Israel +++
The Loriot sketch looks a bit out of time, but it is currently celebrating great success in Hebrew translation. Perhaps because it seems to be a perfect match for some communication difficulties in the home corona quarantine. The “After work” sketch is about a man who only wants to sit in his armchair at home and obviously longs for silence. “I just want to sit here,” he says. But his wife keeps talking to him while she is bustling about in the kitchen. Then the man’s collar bursts. The Israeli actor Dror Keren, who speaks the role of the man, shared the Hebrew sketch on Facebook and wrote: “When would we have time for this on normal days?”

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+++ 13:00 no more deportations to Afghanistan +++
Germany stops deportations to Afghanistan until further notice. The decision was made at the request of the Afghan authorities, a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry said. Most recently, a flight from Germany with deported men had started on March 12. In the previous 33 deportations, the federal and state governments had brought 907 men back to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the situation in Afghanistan is exacerbated by the increasing spread of the corona virus. In the capital Kabul and several provinces, curfews have been imposed. Border traffic to neighboring country Iran, which was particularly hard hit by the crisis, is causing concern. Almost 200,000 Afghans have returned from the country, according to the International Organization for Migration – only a few hundred have been tested for the corona virus.

+++ 12:58 curfews in Hanoi +++
Because of the corona virus pandemic, residents of the two largest cities in Vietnam need to prepare for curfews. According to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the authorities in the capital Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh City should revise their plans to fight the virus and “adapt to lockdown scenarios” in view of the increasing number of infected people. On Saturday, the authorities in Hanoi isolated one of the country’s largest hospitals because of multiple infections with the virus. So far, the health authorities in the Southeast Asian country have reported 194 cases of lung disease Covid-19, but so far there have been no deaths.


Disinfection measures in Hanoi.

(Photo: REUTERS)

+++ 12:56 Australia provides billions +++
Australia has put together a package worth around 72 billion euros to save jobs in the Corona crisis. It also includes a premium for employers to secure jobs, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison explains. This “job keeper” payment of a good 830 euros (1,500 Australian dollars) is to be paid to employers every two weeks for each employee. “We will pay employers to pay their employees,” said Morrison.

+++ 12:39 third day in a row over 800 dead in Spain +++
In Spain, 812 new fatalities were counted within 24 hours. The Ministry of Health announced. This was the third day in a row that over 800 people died. The number of documents recorded is currently more than 85,000, which is around 6000 more than the previous day. There are now more infected people in Spain than in China, where the coronavirus broke out in late 2019.

+++ 12:30 Bavaria extends exit restrictions until the end of the Easter holidays +++
The exit restrictions in Bavaria that have been in effect since March 21 will be extended until the end of the Easter holidays on April 19. This is announced by Prime Minister Markus Söder. A tightening of the measures is not planned. The measures imposed by the politicians had first effects, said Söder. “The curve of infections flattens somewhat.” Nevertheless, the debate initiated by some politicians about an exit from the protective measures is premature and is coming out of time. “There is no reason to raise false hopes,” said Söder.

More about this here.

+++ 12:28 emergency clinic instead of music festival +++
Corona patients should now be cared for where singers should actually compete for the best European song. The Rotterdam event center Ahoy is setting up some halls as an emergency clinic. Initially, space for 88 patients will be created, Ahoy said. The capacity could be expanded to 680 beds. The 65th song contest was scheduled to take place in Ahoy in Rotterdam in May, but was canceled due to the corona epidemic.


The “Ahoy” event hall.

(Photo: dpa)

12:23 Montgomery: First schools could open again in May +++
According to the opinion of World Medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery, it will be a while before the first schools in Germany open again. “If the numbers continue to develop as they do now, we should expect schools to reopen in regions that are not particularly stressed in May,” Montgomery told the Bild newspaper. The medical doctor added that the option of closing schools if necessary had to be reserved. Montgomery does not see an end to the economic break either: “My position is clear: we can only open the contact gates again if we are sure that this will not lead to an increase in the death toll.”

+++ 12:20 175,000 stranded again in Germany +++
Of the approximately 200,000 Germans stranded abroad because of the Corona crisis, 175,000 are at home again. “We still ask those who are still abroad to be patient,” wrote Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. He had started a return campaign two weeks ago in order to get German travelers back from countries where regular flights no longer exist, together with tour operators and Lufthansa. The Federal Foreign Office has chartered planes that have now completed 145 special flights. New Zealand, where more than 10,000 Germans are still stuck, is currently causing problems.

+++ 11:55 over 60,000 infected in Germany +++
According to calculations, the number of infected people in Germany is now over 60,000. As the interim results from the municipalities, municipalities and federal states reported on Monday morning, the southern federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia are still particularly affected. All counties with the highest incidence (cases per 100,000 inhabitants) are also located in these three federal states. The number of patients who died from Covid-19 is currently 491.

+++ 11:35 Austria introduces a mandatory mask in supermarkets +++
In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, people in Austria will have to wear a protective mask when shopping. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said. The masks are to be distributed at the entrances to the shops for a small fee. This is to prevent viruses from continuing to be wasted in the high-traffic supermarkets and thus infecting other people with the corona virus. Such a mask requirement is welcomed by experts. Experts like to refer to Asian countries, where the wearing of masks is common.

More about this here.

+++ 11:29 India wants to isolate migrant workers +++
In India, tens of thousands of migrant workers are said to be isolated to curb the coronavirus pandemic. People walked out of cities to their home villages, often hundreds of miles away, after losing their income due to a three-week curfew. They were also suddenly stranded because there were no trains or buses going to their villages. This largest mass migration in India’s recent history threatens to spread the virus to the remotest places. To prevent this, the government has now called on the states to close the borders, to care for and isolate returning day laborers. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, meanwhile, apologized to the poor for suffering emergency situations because of the curfew. He emphasized that he had no choice in the fight against the corona virus.


Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of day laborers are stranded in the metropolises of India.

(Photo: dpa)


Because trains and buses no longer run, they have often made their way to their home provinces on foot.

(Photo: dpa)

+++ 11:27 Lindner: “Bundesliga with the last we open” +++
FDP party leader and football fan Christian Lindner does not believe that the federal leagues will resume playing in a timely manner in front of spectators. “I myself am a member and supporter of BVB. And yet I have to say: Bundesliga with an audience and fans – that will be the last thing we open,” said Lindner of the “Bild” newspaper.

+++ 11:25 exit restrictions across Russia? +++
After the capital Moscow, there could be curfews across Russia due to the Corona pandemic. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin recommended this. The governors and chiefs of the administrations should pay attention to the experience in Moscow. They should also be able to “take such action in their regions,” he said. “It is now our job to curb the spread of the virus.” There have been curfews in the capital and the surrounding area since Monday. The only exceptions are for the way to work, the supermarket and the pharmacy. It is also permitted to go to the dumpster and go for a walk with the dog within 100 meters of the apartment. According to official figures, the largest number of corona cases are registered in Russia in Europe’s largest city, with more than 1,000 infected people.

+++ 11:12 Corona pandemic leads to recession in Germany +++
German economies expect a recession in Germany as a result of the Corona epidemic. “The spread of the corona virus has stopped the beginning economic recovery. The German economy will shrink significantly in 2020”, the economists said in a special report. In a baseline scenario of three calculated variants, they estimate a decline in gross domestic product of between 2.8 and 5.4 percent for 2020, depending on the duration of the restrictions. “GDP could rise by 3.7 percent in 2021,” the economists said. “We assume that the corona pandemic will severely affect the global economy,” said Lars Feld, chairman of the advisory panel. “The uncertainty about future developments is enormous due to the unusual situation and the difficult data situation.”

More about this here.

+++ 11:02 CDU head: debate about the end of the measures prematurely +++
The CDU leadership has warned now to discuss the termination of measures against the spread of the coronavirus in Germany. According to participants, CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said in the presidium that the virus “has a firm grip on Europe and the world”. In the current situation, people would expect good crisis management. The CDU Presidium had agreed that the reduction in the number of infected people was not yet where you wanted to go. Only if the time to double the number of infected people was ten days would one be on the right path.

+++ 10:48 guerrilla group ELN explains ceasefire +++
Corona reaches the jungle or the guerrilla is not what it used to be? In any case, the Colombian ELN has announced a temporary unilateral ceasefire due to the corona crisis. The background to the move was the request from UN Secretary-General António Guterres to stop all hostilities worldwide due to the fight against the spread of the coronavirus, the Colombian-based government said. The ceasefire of the guerrilla group therefore applies from April 1st to 30th.

+++ 10:26 cruise ship “Zaandam” with four dead on board is looking for port +++
With four dead and two suspected Corona cases on board, the cruise ship “Zaandam” set course for the Caribbean. For this, the “Zaandam” and a second cruise ship, the “Rotterdam”, entered the Panama Canal. Before that, around 400 healthy passengers were brought from the “Zaandam” to the “Rotterdam”. The exact destination port of the cruise ships remained unclear. The Dutch shipping company Holland America Line was initially unable to provide any specific information on where the passengers could disembark. The cruise company’s chief Orlando Ashford said his team was working “around the clock” to “find a destination port.” The situation is “difficult and has never existed before”. Contrary to initial plans, the two ships were to stay together as a “tandem. The” Rotterdam “had been sent in support to provide the” Zaandam “with food, personnel and corona tests. In a video, Ashford asked the passengers of both ships to leave At least two of the 1800 “Zaandam” passengers were tested positive for the corona virus on Friday, according to the shipping company. Four passengers died.


(Photo: REUTERS)

+++ 10:19 oil price as low as not since 2002 +++
Fear of falling demand due to the coronavirus crisis is driving the oil price down again. The Brent variety from the North Sea slipped by almost 8 percent and, at $ 23.03 a barrel (159 liters), was as cheap as it was last more than 17 years ago. The US oil WTI fell at a similar price and was trading at $ 19.92, just above its 18-year low from last week. In addition to the extensive standstill of the global economy, crude oil is suffering from the price war in Saudi Arabia and Russia, which, despite lower demand, turn the oil tap on to the stop.

+++ 10:08 Berlin Corona Clinic soon finished +++
Berlin health senator Dilek Kalayci expects the newly built Corona Clinic to open up to a thousand patients in a few weeks. Preparations went “pretty well,” said Kalayci. They think “that we can start April and May”. Kalayci pointed out that the situation in the capital is currently “still manageable”. The treatment center for corona patients is to be built in an exhibition hall and used in the event of a bottleneck. Around 800 employees are required for operation.

+++ 09:38 another nursing home in Lower Saxony infected +++
After the death of 15 people with coronavirus infection in a nursing home in Wolfsburg, another nursing home in Lower Saxony is struggling with infections. Tests have confirmed that 23 residents and 17 employees of an old people’s home in Wildeshausen in the district of Oldenburg are infected with the pathogen Sars-CoV-2, the district announced. After an 89-year-old died of serious previous illnesses and coronavirus infection, all 51 residents and 44 employees were tested. So far, however, mild courses have been found in all patients in the senior residence. The extent of the disease indicates that the virus was not recently introduced into the home, said the district.

+++ 09:16 USA: significant increase, 2500 deaths +++
The number of cases from the USA continues to rise significantly. According to Johns Hopkins University and NYT, over 140,000 people are now infected with the corona virus. Almost 2500 deaths are reported. The heart of the epidemic is still the greater New York area. Almost 60,000 cases of infection and 965 deaths are recorded here.

+++ 09:08 Marburger Bund: Germany has to produce protective clothing itself +++
The medical union Marburger Bund demands that Germany produce the urgently needed protective clothing on a large scale. For this, Health Minister Jens Spahn and Economics Minister Peter Altmaier would have to create the legal framework, said Susanne Johna, the SWR. Now industry support and unconventional solutions are needed to be able to produce large quantities in Germany as quickly as possible. The conditions are there: “We are not only the land of poets and thinkers, but also of engineers and mechanical engineers.” If you put the whole focus on it, it will be possible relatively quickly.

+++ 08:54 Easyjet stops flight operations +++
The low-cost airline Easyjet leaves its entire aircraft fleet in Europe on the ground due to the corona crisis. The company also announced plans to continue working with governments on vacation return flights. It cannot be said at the moment when normal air traffic will start again, Easyjet continues.

+++ 08:45 Vienna hotel cooks 400 free meals for the needy +++
The Vienna Hotel Intercontinental has announced that from April 1st it will cook 400 free meals a day for the needy. It is said to help the elderly in the 3rd district in particular. The daily meal for older people consists of starters and main courses.

+++ 08:31 DIHK: Pleitewelle comes to Germany +++
According to the DIHK, more than one in ten medium-sized companies is threatened by bankruptcy due to the corona crisis. “Not only is the absolute number of feared bankruptcies worrying, but the rapid increase in concrete insolvency concerns within less than three weeks,” said Eric Schweitzer, President of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “It is all the more important to quickly close the gaps that still exist in the overall Corona package,” he added, referring to the aid from the German government. The insolvency concerns particularly affect medium-sized companies, said Schweitzer. In the travel and hospitality industry, even 40 percent of the predominantly medium-sized businesses reported an acute risk of bankruptcy. “The emergency aid program must be in place now,” said Schweitzer. A quick decision and an unbureaucratic procedure are necessary.

+++ 08:08 Meanwhile more than 58,000 infected in Germany +++
According to calculations by, the number of people infected with the corona virus in Germany increases to more than 58,000 cases. So far, 455 people have died in this country as a result of the infection. The pandemic continues to have a firm grip on Europe: Spain’s 78,000 people are now approaching the extent of the crisis in Italy in terms of infection numbers. There the mark of 100,000 infected is likely to be exceeded during the day.

+++ 07:57 Scientists: GDP falls by 2.4 percent this year +++
In the wake of the corona virus pandemic, Germany’s gross domestic product could fall by 2.4 percent in 2020. Economist Nuno Fernandes of the IESE Business School calculated this. He considers a global recession to be “almost inevitable”. The longer the crisis lasted, the worse the economic consequences would be. Germany alone would cost the crisis 3.6 percent of GDP. Fernandes considers historical comparisons – for example with the 2003 SARS outbreak – to be incorrect. In contrast to previous crises, this time they are facing a “combined supply and demand shock”, caused by a variety of factors such as the strong integration of the global economy. The economic means to fight the crisis were lacking. “The central banks shot off their powder in good times. There is almost no room for monetary policy incentives to counter the upcoming risks.”

+++ 07:50 Lindner for large-scale tax repayments +++
FDP chief Christian Lindner calls for improvements in state aid for companies to deal with the Corona crisis. He feared that the aid now granted would not be targeted enough, would not be granted quickly enough and would still be too bureaucratic, according to Lindner. He asked Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz to ensure that companies of all sizes can apply for a drop in sales to have taxes paid reimbursed. You can then bill exactly later. That would be even more accurate than a grant, but above all it would be faster. “I believe that we now need to preserve jobs and economic activity in the area.”

+++ 07:43 Canada’s Premier Trudeau remains in quarantine +++
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to remain in quarantine, even though his wife has since recovered from her coronavirus infection. Because the doctors didn’t know exactly when his wife was infected, he continued his voluntary self-isolation as a precaution for at least another two weeks, the Canadian said. Trudeau’s wife had tested positive for the virus on her return from a trip to London on March 12th.

+++ 07:23 Twitter deletes Corona messages from Bolsonaro +++
Twitter has deleted two messages from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro because he has questioned the sense of isolation measures in the fight against the corona virus. The US company said the embassies had violated the current rain. Messages would be deleted if they contradicted the information provided by health authorities and increased the risk of the virus spreading. Bolsonaro has spoken of hysteria several times regarding the pandemic. He referred to Covid-19 as “little flu”.

+++ 07:08 South Koreans receive Corona aid from the state +++
In South Korea, most families are to receive an aid payment in cash for the equivalent of up to 740 euros to help them cope with the crisis. President Moon Jae In announces this. The exception is the highest-income third of households. Moon wants to prepare another special budget, which Parliament should approve in April. There should also be additional help for small and medium-sized companies. This should relieve them of insurance and electricity costs.

+++ 06:57 Trump accuses clinic staff indirectly of theft +++
US President Donald Trump indirectly accuses medical personnel in a New York hospital of stealing protective equipment such as respirators. “How can it be that the need for masks suddenly increases from 10,000 to 300,000?” Trump asked during a press conference. “Are the masks going out the back door?” The president recommends the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, and New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio “to check it out”. He doesn’t blame anyone directly, but says that there may be something going on in the hospital that is “worse than hoarding.”

+++ 06:41 toilet paper replacement threatens to clog sewage network +++
According to the “Handelsblatt”, the alliance of the public water industry (AöW) warns of the risks to the sewage network in view of the scarcity of toilet paper in parts of Germany. According to this, consumers resort to wet wipes, household rolls or paper handkerchiefs, but these threaten to clog sewage pipes. “Do not throw alternative hygiene articles into the toilet, but please dispose of them in well-sealed trash bags over the gray bin,” the association is quoted as saying.

+++ 06:32 Again under 100 new infections in South Korea +++
The number of new infections with the coronavirus in South Korea recorded daily has dropped again to less than 100. On Sunday, 78 people were tested positive for the Sars CoV-2 pathogen, the health agency said. The total number reached 9661. The number of deaths related to the virus is given as 158. There was a clear downward trend in new infections this month compared to February. However, local authorities and “imported” cases continue to worry the authorities.

Amazon 1,775.00

+++ 05:41 IW study: Corona crisis strengthens Amazon market power +++
Amazon will be able to expand its dominant position on the German market in the wake of the Corona crisis. This is the result of a still unpublished study by the Institute of German Business (IW), which is available from the “Rheinische Post”. The current restrictions on brick-and-mortar retail due to the corona crisis would generally boost online retail, the study says. “This will particularly benefit the large retailers and trading platforms, especially Amazon, which are likely to emerge from the crisis much stronger,” said the IW. Amazon had already sold goods in Germany worth more than nine billion euros in 2018. According to the institute, this was already more than three times as much as, the second largest online retailer, was able to implement.

+++ 05:27 EU Commission appeals to citizens +++
In view of the widespread corona pandemic, the EU Commission is appealing to citizens across Europe not to let up on the protective measures against a corona infection. The most efficient protection is to avoid contact with others and to stay at home, EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides told the newspapers of the “Funke Media Group”. “I really want to urge all citizens across Europe to take such instructions extremely seriously.” , says Kyriakides. “Staying at home means saving lives.”

+++ 05:19 China’s President Xi wants to protect smaller companies +++
According to Chinese state television, Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to promptly adjust the support policy for small and medium-sized companies to protect them from the effects of the corona virus. Xi said during a Sunday visit to a factory in Ningbo that Chinese companies should actively resume operations and production, even if efforts to combat the corona virus continue, the report said.

+++ 05:07 Argentina extends curfew +++
Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez extends the nationwide curfew until mid-April. This was initially planned until the end of March. It will now be in effect until the end of Easter week, he says.

+++ 04:54 China’s central bank pumps billions into the money market +++
China’s central bank unexpectedly cuts interest rates on reverse repurchase agreements. The Peoples Bank of China (PBOC) said it would lower the 7-day reverse repo rate from 2.40 percent to 2.20 percent. The PBOC is pumping 50 billion yuan – about $ 7 billion – into the money markets through seven-day reverse repos, breaking the liquidity instrument with its usual 29-day break without new capital injections.

+++ 04:29 Röttgen calls for German initiative on the international level +++
CDU foreign policy politician Norbert Röttgen criticizes a lack of joint international engagement against the consequences of the spread of the Corona virus and calls for a German initiative at international level. “Germany should be active on an international level. It would make sense for a core of states – Germany, France and Great Britain, to join together and to initiate joint initiatives at European level and in a coordinated manner between the G7 and G20”, said Röttgen of the “Rheinische Post” . So far, the international community has done far too little, emphasized Röttgen, who is a candidate for the CDU chairmanship. Although the G20 summit was based on strong rhetoric, there was no common strategy and no common agreements to act. “There is a risk that the corona crisis will accelerate the signs of decay of international alliances that can be recognized beforehand.”

+++ 04:14 Thousands of nurses and sellers have had to top up for years +++
Many of those employees who are particularly important in the Corona crisis have had to make use of social benefits for years because their salary is not enough to live on. This emerges from the answer to a written question from the left-wing faction, from which the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” quotes. According to this, more than 50,000 sellers had to make use of basic security benefits in 2018, even though they were subject to social security contributions. Almost 5000 of them had full-time positions. According to the information, more than 17,000 employees increased in geriatric care, one in ten of whom worked full-time. Even more than 1,600 employees in nursing or emergency services did not earn enough with their full-time jobs to provide housing and livelihood for their families.

+++ 03:48 Crusaders with Corona patients waiting for the Panama Canal passage +++
The cruise ship “Zaandam” with at least two passengers who tested positive for the corona virus is waiting for a passage permit through the Panama Canal off the west coast of Central America. The Panamanian Ministry of Health has already approved the passage, but the canal administration is still working on the details. Among other things, pilots must be brought on board for the passage. Four passengers have already died on the cruise ship. According to the Holland America Line shipping company, there were four older people. 53 passengers and 85 crew members with flu-like symptoms previously reported to the medical team on board.

+++ 03:29 China reports 31 new cases – four dead +++
China reports 31 new coronavirus cases. According to the National Health Commission, this includes only a locally transmitted infection. The day before, the number of new cases was 45. The Commission reports four new deaths, bringing the total death toll from the mainland coronavirus outbreak to 3,304. According to the authorities, the total number of infections is 81,470.

+++ 02:58 Bayer and Novartis donate malaria drugs to the United States +++
The US Department of Health (HHS) accepts drug donations from pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Bayer. Novartis has provided 30 million units of the agent hydroxychloroquine, Bayer one million units of its drug chloroquine, the agency said. Both preparations are used in the therapy and prophylaxis of malaria.

+++ 02:39 intensive care physician: distribute corona patients centrally nationwide +++
Intensive care physicians call for a central distribution of corona patients to the clinics in Germany. Should the peak of infection numbers be reached in “two to four weeks”, the clinics in some regions would exceed their exposure limit, says the president of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), Uwe Janssens, the newspapers of the “Funke -Media group “. “The federal government must set up a central office as soon as possible, which in such a case would distribute the patients nationwide to less busy clinics.” He suggests that the Robert Koch Institute, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Interior and the Bundeswehr should be involved. In order for such a transnational distribution to work, clinics with intensive care units would also have to be obliged by the state to report their capacities in his association’s nationwide intensive care register. Of the approximately 1160 clinics, only about 700 would have done so.

+++ 02:21 Trump fears 100,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States +++
US President Donald Trump fears that the coronavirus crisis in the United States could kill 100,000 people. If we can limit the death toll to 100,000 through the containment measures we have taken, “then we have all done a good job together,” said Trump in the White House. “It’s a terrible number.” President Donald Trump’s adviser in the fight against the corona virus, Anthony Fauci, expects a total of up to 200,000 deaths from the pandemic in the United States.

+++ 02:08 USA: 518 corona dead within 24 hours +++
The number of corona deaths recorded in the United States increases by 518 within 24 hours. So far, a total of at least 2409 people have died after being infected with the novel virus in the United States, according to the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The number of registered infections in the United States has now risen to almost 140,000. The United States has been the country with the most confirmed corona cases worldwide for a few days.

+++ 01:50 Japan extends entry bans +++
Japan is expanding its entry ban to citizens of the United States, China, South Korea and most of Europe, reports the Asahi newspaper. The government is considering banning entry from some countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, the newspaper writes, citing several government sources.


(Photo: Joe Diffie, Facebook)

+++ 01:29 US country star Joe Diffie died of coronavirus +++
The US country star Joe Diffie has died as a result of an infection with the novel corona virus. The 61-year-old succumbs to health “complications” after the infection. Diffie announced only two days earlier that it had tested positive for the corona virus. The country singer had a series of hits in the 1990s, including “Pickup Man”, “Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die)” and “John Deere Green”.

+++ 01:12 Trump: peak of deaths in the US in two weeks +++
US President Donald Trump expects the number of deaths in the US corona crisis to peak in two weeks. That is why he is extending the guidelines on social distancing that originally applied until March 30 to April 30, Trump announced in the Rose Garden of the White House. The better the guidelines were followed, “the faster this nightmare will end,” Trump said. Two weeks ago, the government had initially published guidelines for 15 days, which include, among other things, keeping people apart and avoiding the gathering of more than ten people. Trump is optimistic that the worst is over by summer. “We can expect to be on the road to recovery by June 1st.”

+++ 00:57 Australia reviews foreign investments +++
The Australian government will have its Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) assess all new foreign investment during the period of the coronavirus crisis to prevent the economically troubled companies from being sold out as a result of the virus outbreak. “This is not an investment freeze. Australia is open to business and recognizes that investing at this time can be beneficial if it is in the national interest,” said Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. “These measures are necessary to protect national interest as the coronavirus outbreak is putting pressure on the Australian economy and businesses.”

+++ 00:41 Trump: hospitals should release unused ventilators +++
US President Donald Trump accuses hospitals of hoarding ventilators. We have some healthcare workers, some hospitals that bunker devices, including ventilators, “says Trump in the White House.” You have to release these ventilators – especially hospitals that they will never use. “Trump, whose critics accuse him of he tries to shift the blame for dealing with the crisis, gives no evidence to support his allegation, and remains unclear as to which medical facilities he refers to.

+++ 00:25 Economic researchers warn against the use of the euro bailout +++
Researchers at the Institute of German Economics (IW) advise against the use of the ESM euro rescue fund in the current corona crisis. In an analysis, the economists examined how the EU member states could support each other financially in the corona crisis, reports the “world”. They came to the conclusion that the use of precautionary credit lines from the ESM (ECCL) bailout fund is dangerous under the current conditions. They warned that such loans could make the states affected even worse.

+++ 00:06 epidemiologist: focus measures more on risk groups +++
Epidemic expert Gerard Krause warns against using extreme countermeasures to damage society as a whole. “You have to be careful not to take excessive actions from this situation, which can possibly cause more damage than the infection itself,” says the epidemiology department head at the Braunschweig Helmholtz Center for Infection Research to ZDF. “We know that unemployment, for example, causes illness and even increased mortality. It can also drive people into suicide. Restriction of freedom of movement may also have a further negative impact on the health of the population,” Krause continues. “I believe that we should focus our attention and resources on protecting vulnerable groups and that we should try to loosen these very generalized exit restrictions and closings as soon as possible as soon as possible. We should be ready for that to do that early and cautiously at the same time. “

+++ 23:42 Nigeria’s President seals off Lagos and Abuja +++
Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari is sealing off the city of Lagos and the capital Abuja to curb the coronavirus pandemic. The measure should apply for 14 days from Monday, Buhari said in a TV address. All residents of these two cities would have to stay in their homes. All trips between different states would have to be postponed. All shops and offices are to be closed completely during this period. In Nigeria, there are official reports that 97 people are infected with the corona virus.

+++ 23:24 US athletes spokesman criticizes IOC +++
The American athlete spokesman Han Xiao criticizes the lack of participation of athletes in the International Olympic Committee (IOC). “With the current power structure in the international movement, they feel quite powerless,” the table tennis player told Deutschlandfunk. Before the decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympic Games, the concerns and needs of the athletes during conference calls had hardly been taken into account. “Regardless of what questions or discussions arise during the call or during the meeting, the results are the same,” said Xiao: “The results are written down somewhere beforehand. You can tell by the fact that these results often contain details or discussion points that were mentioned directly by IOC officials or Thomas Bach during the call or the conference itself. These points did not necessarily come directly from athletes. They came from IOC officials. “

+++ 23:04 Beiersdorf supports with 50 million euros +++
The Hamburg-based consumer goods group Beiersdorf is making 50 million euros available in the international fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. CEO Stefan De Loecker announces that he wants to use the amount to support crisis management, particularly in epicentres and in regions with weak public health systems and infrastructures. The immediate measures included donating disinfectants, skin and hand care products to medical personnel around the world, as well as direct financial support for global and local non-governmental organizations that are partners of the Beiersdorf Group and are currently facing major challenges themselves.

+++ 22:46 Bulgaria wants to take on new debt +++
Bulgaria is planning new debt in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov said that it was worth billions. At first, he did not name a specific sum. His ministry first had to do calculations. In addition, the budget budget for 2020 must be revised. In Bulgaria, 346 people are infected with the corona virus. The pandamia has so far claimed eight lives.

+++ 22:22 Ukraine returnees flee from forced quarantine +++
Because they did not want to go into a forced quarantine, passengers in Ukraine fled from an airport terminal in the capital, Kiev. The Ukrainians arriving from Thailand on a special flight at the Kiev-Boryspil airport were supposed to spend two weeks in hotels – and also pay for it themselves, as local media reported on Sunday. At first nothing was known about the whereabouts of the people. President Volodymyr Selenskyj had previously announced that all returnees would be monitored.

+++ 22:05 US researchers think the distance of two meters is too short +++
In social distancing, a distance of 1.50 to 2 meters should ensure that people do not infect each other with the corona virus. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) consider this distance too small. “The virus droplets expelled when sneezing can move in a warm, humid environment at a speed of ten to 30 meters per second. This creates a cloud that can extend for a length of about seven to eight meters,” the researchers write in the “Telegraph “. Virologist Christian Drosten thinks this is unlikely. The virus would not be in the air as a cloud and would stay for hours.

+++ 21:39 Another death in Würzburg retirement home +++
A 13th resident died in the St. Nikolaus retirement home in Würzburg after being infected with the new corona virus. This was announced by the Würzburg district office. The 80-year-old and severely pre-ill man died on the weekend. In the Würzburg region, 14 people died after a Covid 19 disease, 13 of whom lived in the St. Nikolaus retirement home. A 57-year-old died on Friday evening in an AWO senior center in Würzburg.

Note: The most important developments of the previous day on the current situation around the global coronavirus pandemic can she read here.



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