Cologne – A police officer in Cologne should have spread an anti-Semitic message – and could therefore lose his job.

The Cologne police chief Uwe Jacob told the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" (Friday): "When I heard about it, I immediately initiated a formal disciplinary procedure with the aim of dismissal."

The message is an image sent via the messenger service WhatsApp, which shows Adolf Hitler and makes fun of the millionfold murder of Jews under National Socialism, reported the newspaper.

According to BILD information, the police officer is supposed to be a 57-year-old official. Originally it was investigated against him for allegedly circulating internal data in a private circle. Then his cell phone was seized.

At the same time anti-Semitic pictures were discovered. He should not have forwarded these to other police officers, but to private individuals.

"The dissemination of such inciting images is completely unacceptable to me and damages the reputation of the Cologne police," said Jacobs. The embassy was accidentally discovered during other investigations against the official, the newspaper reported.

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