Some days ago, Chiquis Rivera She had to go to the emergency room at a hospital in Los Angeles, California for some discomfort that afflicted her, which unleashed rumors that she might be pregnant.

The same weekend, the singer's husband, Lorenzo MendezHe shared the good news that his wife had already been discharged, and that his family had grown! Although not as everyone imagined.

On Friday, September 6, Méndez had shared a photo on his Instagram in which Jenni Rivera's daughter is seen in the background lying on a stretcher, next to an ultrasound machine, which is why both followers and friends and relatives, they thought that the newlyweds were about to surprise them that they would soon become parents.

On the other hand, the interpreter of 'Cheer up and you will see', published a video in which she expressed her physical discomfort: “I woke up feeling a little bad and it was getting worse,” Rivera said, and apologized because that day would be presented in a program : "I just wanted to apologize, I don't know, the people who were (with) Platanito, who sent me many messages, I wasn't there, I really wanted to go."

In the same clip, Chiquis explained that he had to go to the emergency room ”and here I am resting a little, and I wanted to let you know that I will be there on September 12”.

Among other things, Chiquis Rivera has been in recent months for a lot of stress and strong emotions, from the planning of her wedding, to the presentations and projects she has as a businesswoman, which has generated some discomforts.

In addition, the forced rest she took to be treated at the Dripology clinic in Los Angeles, California, whose description on the internet indicates that she uses intravenous hydration treatments, has helped her recover, as she showed next to her husband in the photograph that they shared

Lorenzo wrote: "Thank God my love went very well after an appointment with the doctor and there is a new member in our family, Dallas Méndez"

In it, the couple is radiant next to their ‘first baby’, a puppy they cuddle and named after ‘Dallas Méndez’. "He came to brighten our home," said the couple of artists.


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