The Hong Kong crisis is drawing international circles – while democracy activists are fighting against the communist regime in China, there are tensions with Germany.

In protest of the meeting of Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas with Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, the German ambassador to Beijing has been summoned. Wong's reception by German politicians brought "very negative effects on bilateral relations," said Chinese ambassador in Berlin, Wu Ken. Therefore, the German Ambassador had been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. "We have expressed our deep dissatisfaction."

China made demands

There have been talks after the meeting of Maas and Wong both in Beijing and in Berlin. On the previous day, the Foreign Office had only stated on request that the German ambassador had been to a meeting in the Chinese Foreign Ministry. China's government has repeatedly urged not to allow Wong entry, Wu said. Wong had been arrested at Hong Kong airport shortly before because he allegedly violated his bail obligations.

Since June 9, there have been protests in the financial metropolis, often resulting in clashes between a small section of the protesters and the police. The Democratic protest movement fears increasing influence of the Communist government on Hong Kong. Also, the demonstrators demand an independent investigation of police violence.

Wong appeals to Germany

Prominent activist Wong arrived in Berlin on Monday evening and subsequently spoke with Maas. He also held talks with members of the Bundestag. In the Federal Press Conference he demanded that Germany suspend talks on trade relations with China and Hong Kong until human rights issues are put on the agenda. Also sanctions would have to be considered. The federal government should clearly condemn police violence and abuse of power.

The Chinese leadership has sufficient evidence that foreign forces have intervened in Hong Kong, said Ambassador Wu. However, the situation has calmed down a bit in the past few days. The leadership, however, repeatedly ruled out military intervention there. Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly called for the observance of human rights in Hong Kong – even publicly during her visit to Beijing.

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