From brunet to blond, from Vitalina to Agafya?

Few people remember what the beginning performer Prokhor Chaliapin looked like. Being a member of the "Star Factory-6" – it was a cute boy with a stylish hairstyle. But the years passed, and the boy turned into a charming man. True, subscribers compared Chaliapin with Kirkorov, the style of clothing was very similar. Just like this: curly, tall and in a colorful suit, Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya fell in love with him. Recently, Chaliapin radically changed his appearance, having been younger for 20 years. Netizens were shocked when they saw the new image of Prokhor. Now, Chaliapin does not look like Philip Kirkorov, but the American artist Justin Bieber.

“Prokhor, you look 16, well, a maximum of 19 years old,” “Great hairstyle, you are spilled Bieber,” “Prokhor, you really like it, but now you are not a charming performer, but a cute teenager,” “Prokhor, this is unrealistic, you younger than 20 years old and all because I just dyed my hair, I’m in shock, ”network users commented. Of course, haters did not stand aside. Many of them ridiculed the appearance of the singer and suggested that such changes for Chaliapin's new elderly passion. Indeed, Prokhor’s strong craving for rich old women has long been known.

Now the singer is really younger, such as he loves to touch his grandmothers by the cheeks and say: “Oh, my good one.” Perhaps Prokhor changed to find some wealthy grandmother Agafyu. So to say, “sweet boy” for a new old woman. Netizens also agreed that from now on Vitalin did not match the young singer. She looks older in age, but she will not be able to give what she was once provided by a wealthy pensioner Larisa Kopyonkina. Who this time the "cute" Prokhor "picks up" – one can only guess. There is a high probability that Larisa Kopyonkina will again be interested in a young singer.



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