The system by which NASA wants to put people on the moon again

NASA has built a new system that could make landing on the Moon and Mars much less risky and already plans to test it in a future mission. The Safe and Precise Landing Integrated Capabilities Evolution (SPLICE) project aims to improve landing safety by combining a suite of laser sensors, a camera, a high-speed computer […]


Samsung GALAXY S30 is currently in the process of development in order to launch on markets around the world, and according to recent information, it seems that it will come with a premiere that seemed hard to believe a few months ago. A first round of tests done in Geekbench for Samsung GALAXY S30 shows […]

Free open testing of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops has begun –

According to official data, alpha testing will end on September 20 at 20:00 Moscow time. To test the operability of the game mechanics, only the multiplayer mode is available, and battles on two 6-on-6 maps and two 12-on-12 maps. With fewer players, Team Battle, Kill Confirmed, and Domination are available, while on 12v12 maps you […]

What TV show is sending people on SSI

What TV show is sending people on SSI A certain TV show of a London production company wants to send the winners of the contest on SSI (International Space Station). It’s something that hasn’t happened before and it would be a unique TV show. Participants will have to go through some difficult challenges, and the […]

Everything we know about Oculus Quest 2 – Reveal Leaked

The newest innovation in VR headsets was leaked recently, and what’s most shocking about this is that the company behind the device was responsible. That’s right: the leak actually came from Facebook. It has created a huge amount of buzz within the game development industry since, as plenty of different companies want a piece of […]

Sony supplements with several PS5 units as an excuse for pre-orders

“Let’s be honest: PS5 pre-orders could have been better”. This is how the posting on the official PlayStation Twitter account begins. After 4 days in which both buyers were confused and retailers, Sony admits its mistake. Many may not care if Sony apologizes or not for the chaos created, but there is a good part. […]

Samsung’s flagship smartphone lost to the iPhone 11 Pro Max in battery life

This was the third stage of the battle between the flagships of Samsung and Apple. In the first test, smartphones were dropped from a height (Note20 Ultra won), and in the second, the application launch speed was checked (again, the Samsung won). In the third test in terms of battery life on a single charge, […]