Cars set on fire

Police hold firing stealer – warrant issued

The investigation group "EC Night Watch" was able to enlighten a fire series of vehicles. The perpetrator was caught in Hamburg.

An arson attack on Bartningallee in Hansaviertel last July destroyed several vehicles.

An arson attack on Bartningallee in Hansaviertel last July destroyed several vehicles.

Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa

A Berliner Serienbrandstifter has been caught in Hamburg! The police arrested a 30-year-old in the Hanseatic city when he wanted to light a car. During his interrogation, the man said that he also set fire to three cars in Berlin. After Hamburg, the arsonist had deposed after the investigators of the investigation group "EC Night Watch" by the State Office of Criminal Investigation were on the track.

The 30-year-old is said to have no political motives, according to the police. According to information from the Berliner Morgenpost, it is also examined whether psychic reasons could have played a role in the man who has no permanent residence.

The criminal investigation team "Night Watch", which had been used for numerous arson attacks, had long been targeting the man as a suspect. But he had managed to leave the city and settle for Hamburg, said a police spokesman. There, too, he wanted to light a car on August 6th. He was caught then. The investigators announced this but only now.

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The man was previously convicted of similar crimes, according to the police. He admitted three arson attacks in Berlin. Now the police want to clarify whether he has committed another 28 arson attacks. The police spoke of a success and announced to dissolve the investigation team again. It had been set up in July. A police spokesman told the Berliner Morgenpost that the dissolution of the investigation team was not unusual. It was founded because you recognized a pattern behind several acts.

Even after the arrest burned dozens of cars

On the trail of the 30-year-old came the police, because there was a similar approach in several arson. The 30-year-old is said to have done three acts on Schaperstraße in (Wilmersdorf), Bartningallee (Hansaviertel) and Müller-Breslau-Straße (Tiergarten). Especially the fire at the Bartnigallee should be remembered by the local residents. At that time several vehicles burned in the early morning hours. Around 3:50 am local residents and passers-by heard a loud bang and saw firelight on two parked cars. Two vehicles were destroyed by the flames, one damaged.

For two more acts, the man is urgently suspect. Including a fire on the Lützowstraße. At that time it was pure luck that the flames did not overturn a house. In 26 other acts, a paw is tested. It is also examined whether there is a connection to the night of the fire of Kreuzberg, where in the night when it burned on the Lützowstraße, also in Bergmannkiez in Kreuzberg eleven vehicles burned.

In August, burned 60 vehicles

It is unclear how great the investigation success of the police actually is. Again in August, 60 vehicles were fired in Berlin – and as many as in July and that, even though the alleged serial fire-fighter had already left the city. The total number of motorways climbed to at least 376 at the end of August. By comparison, 446 vehicles burned in the last year. The previous record comes from the year 2011: At that time there were 527 vehicles

Commenting on the investigation, National Police Union (GdP) chairman Norbert Cioma said: "It shows once again that the Berlin police are always successful where we can work in a focused and focused manner. We should seriously consider not always putting staff together as a task force when public pressure grows. " It would make more sense a permanent unit with civilian forces, which could proceed city-wide and non-commissioned against car border foundations, profiling trips and other constantly recurring crime phenomena.

Only with a small proportion of the deeds the investigators suspect a political motive in the extreme left or right-wing extremist milieu as recently in Neukölln. For most arsonists, the investigators go from other backgrounds. According to the police, pure vandalism, pyromaniac tendencies, targeted revenge actions in the private sphere, insurance fraud and so-called masking fires are also assumed. (with dpa)

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