Ex-coach of Spartak Massimo Carrera spoke about his attitude to the former club.

– Your arrival in Russia is the first in a very long time. What did you miss most in the capital?

– In Moscow, I left part of my heart. And when there is an opportunity to come, I am always glad about it. Certainly, there is not enough field, football, fans love …

– Spartak is playing on Saturday with the Urals. There you can fully experience this love.

– I can’t go to the match. On Saturday I am already returning home.

– Do you watch the team play?

– When there are interesting matches, of course, I watch. But I watch Zenit or CSKA matches when they play in European competitions. Now the Italian championship has begun, so, of course, I give preference to him.

– What emotions does the game “Spartacus” cause when you watch a match on TV?

– I feel great emotions because I remember the good times that we went through with the club. It is always nice to remember the moments that we experienced together with the fans and the whole team.

– Almost a year has passed. How would you describe Spartak today in one word?

“Love,” said Carrera.


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