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Although Los Angeles FC they already have their pass to the playoffs of the Major League Soccer, the picture of Carlos candle seems to be in a bump of results tonight adding his fifth consecutive game without knowing the victory, because today he tied thanks to the Mexican striker 1-1 ante Toronto.

Candle it seemed to go blank this weekend, however, a last minute marked penalty was his chance to rescue a unit by beating Quentin Westberg With his shot. It was at minute 19 when Tsubasa Endoh opened the marker. A bad attempt to leave the area by the defense of The Angels caused the opponent annotation.

From Day 23 on LAFC does not win. On that date he beat 2-0 at Real salt lake. Even the city classic before the Galaxy He finished with a 2-2.

The Mexican squad remains the leader of the Western Conference, position that in fact no team can snatch in the absence of the remainder of this Day 28 and two more by adding 65 points and the nearest team has 50 which is the Seattle Sounders with two games to play.

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