There is not always an incredible story behind the name of every tech company. This is typically the case of Deezer.

Now that you know where the Spotify name comes from, maybe you are wondering what is the origin of the name of another heavyweight music streaming? No, we are not talking about Apple Music (there is not much to say: we refer you to our topic detailing the origin of the identity of the Cupertino company), but the French champion of the online music: Deezer.

Let's say it right away: this name has nothing to do with the "ten o'clock" schedule, despite the obvious homophony and the fact that people in the newsroom make heavy jokes about it all the time.

Deezer is one of the streaming giants, with Spotify and Apple Music.

Chance and pragmatism

In fact, he was chosen at random. This is what admitted the two founders of the service, Daniel Marhely and Jonathan Benassaya, in 2007, during an exchange with Internet users, that 01 Net has transcribed. Where some seek a name with a strong symbolic power or that evokes their history, both men have shown pragmatism.

" No rational explanation, just a domain name available on the net, short and easy to remember ", They confided to the surfer who challenged them. That's all ! They wanted an effective name that could be memorized, and obviously English-speaking, rather than a sounding French term. After all, it's probably easier in case of international ambition.

This lack of rational explanation obviously did not hinder the development of the platform. It was even used to organize a contest, in October 2017, to win subscriptions. The service had for the occasion contacted a certain number of artists and personalities to share their anecdotes and their hypotheses on a dedicated site.

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