The famous singer and former star of the show "Dom-2" Olga Buzova posted on her Instagram photo, which was immediately criticized by hundreds of users, considering it one of the most unsuccessful in the career of the artist. She had previously stood out with a rather thin figure, but this time the fans were greatly surprised by the state of their idol.

In the photo Buzova poses in a swimsuit on the seashore, while she is very bent. In the signature, she calls herself "proud, but gentle, strong, but weak, funny, but serious." She also asked subscribers what other citizens saw her.

In the comments from almost the very first posts, users began to spread the singer. She called her "illiterate" and "mediocre." Many drew attention to the fact that she specifically attracts attention with stupid notes. The figure of Buzova in the provided photo was also discussed.

"Chest on my stomach?" – Many subscribers were surprised. “And what about the chest? One on her stomach, the other is not there, it’s incomprehensible ”,“ Olya, don’t mess with Photoshop so much more ”- numerous fans began to reprimand the artist. However, this is a big question, whether in this case there was photoshop, or in the photo the “true” Buzova.

However, some users asked a reasonable question – does Buzova herself read the comments under her post. Indeed, if she does not read, then there is almost no hope that she will change and cease to be so narcissistic.

Read the material: "Subscribers smashed drunk Buzova for a naked video from the pool. "

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