The redesigned domestic SUV attracted the attention of motorists.

In a public car on the social network Instagram unveiled unveiled a photo of a brutal SUV that has undergone dramatic changes. The author of the post entitled the photo as "LuAZ pleases the eye."

In the photo that got on the Internet, you can see the usual LuAZ-969, which got completely different wheel arches, all-terrain wheels, additional lights in the front, a plastic bumper, an expeditionary trunk with a ladder going from the threshold, plastic protective pads and special covers on headlamps. All this gives the domestic SUV not only brutal, but also a premium look.

Interestingly, the LuAZ-969 photo with such improvements could not but please the subscribers. “Class”, “Respect to the owner”, “They know how to make cars”, “Lunokhod”, “Fire” and “But it wasn’t possible from the factory?”, Users write admiringly.

LuAZ is a Ukrainian automobile plant located in Lutsk, which previously specialized in the production of cross-country vehicles. The company, founded in 1955, currently produces a bus and trolleybuses and is part of the Bogdan corporation.



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