British Airways pilots announced a two-day strike that will begin next Monday, canceling almost 850 flights, which will inevitably include flights to Israel.

4,930 pilots are participating in the strike in their fight with the management of British Airways in relation to the conditions of employment.

Prior to the planned strike, British Airways canceled “thousands” of flights through booking websites and other means of travel.

A morning flight on September 11, which was expected to travel from London to the Israeli Ben Gurion airport, has been canceled following this recent news.

Normally, British Airways offers three daily flights to Israel, which are carried out from Heathrow airport. Israelis and travelers who have booked flights these days have been notified by email that their flights have been effectively canceled.

British Airways management has threatened to suspend family benefits packages for up to three years if the strike continues.

All British Airways employees are eligible for benefits such as a 90 percent discount on flights that have free space or business class upgrades, all of which are based on the seniority and status of pilots and / or employees .

The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), the registered union established to represent British pilots, said: “The difference between the position of British Airways and that of BALPA is about 5 million pounds sterling. Our proposal remains on the table if British Airways wishes to reach an agreement before the strike"

"It is completely unacceptable that BALPA is destroying the travel plans of tens of thousands of our clients with this unjustifiable strike action," said British Airways. "We are very sorry that after many months of negotiations, based on a very fair offer, BALPA has decided this course of reckless action."


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