The Brazilian star of PSG made his comeback on the pitch last night in Miami, in a draw between Seleçao and Colombia (2-2). With a goal, an assist and 90 minutes in the legs to the key.

Neymar, the return. After a hectic summer, between his Copa America package, business and of course his aborted transfer to Barça, the 27-year-old Parisian striker found the green rectangle that night in Miami, with Brazil, against Colombia. His first match since his ankle injury on June 5, against Qatar. At the finish, the result is rather positive since the person appeared in legs, he played 90 minutes, lost nothing of his class and finished with a goal and an assist. But the Seleçao had to settle for the draw (2-2). A far cry from the tumult that may be waiting for Neymar in Paris, where the Ultras could offer him a more chilly welcome than the 65,000 people crowded at Hard Rock Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins (NFL). Although, Colombian fans were more numerous than Brazilians in Florida … Some whistles here and there, then. Nothing to do with the insults and other invitations to leave heard against Nimes (3-0), before the end of the transfer window.

Firmino deprives Neymar of a goal …

Meanwhile, the former Santos, holder as Marquinhos and Thiago Silva, has honored his 98th selection, equaling Ronaldo. A Neymar quickly in the rhythm, aligned to the left and quickly touching a lot of balloons without being dangerous. However, it was thanks to one of his paws, a corner, that Casemiro opened the scoring (1-0, 19th), a bit against the course of the game. The Colombians reversed the situation with a double of Luis Muriel (25th, 34th), including a penalty. "Marqui" is also not white-blue on the second goal, easily eliminated by the Colombian Martinez at the beginning of the action … Neymar? We lost sight of him for long minutes. Rather, we saw the swift Richarlison on the front of the attack, on the right, the latter losing a face to face with the excellent David Ospina, for his 100e with Colombia (39e). Neymar finally woke up, with two accelerations on the left (40e, 45e). Above all, the Parisian was close to equalizing. Well served by Richarlison at the penalty spot and free of any markings, he adjusted right, Opina was beaten … but Firmino intervened well involuntarily (43).

… and Dani Alves offers him a

Now in porcupine mode, the Colombians were trying to preserve their advantage in the recovery. But like Neymar, Brazil was warming up. "Ney" working on the left, making his speed and technique speak. It did not happen, but the heart was there. Until Coutinho flash, a millimeter cross for Dani Alves who served perfectly Neymar a low ground at the second post (2-2, 58th). Beautiful scene of joy between the two friends. Neymar also came to greet the coach Tite. His 61st goal, to a unit of Ronaldo (62).

The Paris striker came even more regularly in the axis to organize the game of a Seleçao that grew in the heat of Florida. Heat, there was on this rough contact between Davidson Sanchez and Neymar, the first named swaying the second in billboards. Nothing for the referee. Stefan Medina, the right-back of CF Monterrey, continued to challenge Neymar, who was playing a full match for the first time since the Coupe de France final on 27 April. A sequence control right foot-strikes left, some inaccuracies here and there, but the pace and much desire for Neymar, still not short of ideas or strength in the "money-time". A last chance for Luis Diaz (88e), "Ney" who was confused with Wilmar Barrios and we stayed there (2-2 final score), after a second closed period. Neymar's stats? 76 balls including 33 lost, 3 shots (1 shot), 3 last passes before a shot, 4 fouls suffered.

Peru to Los Angeles before returning to Paris

To follow for Neymar and Brazil? The "remake" of the recent final of the Copa America, against Peru. It will be on the side of Los Angeles, very early Wednesday morning for us in France, at 5am. Colombia will face Venezuela in Tampa earlier this night (3am).

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