In recent days, the famous actor Bradley Cooper has starred in the world's entertainment news for his new 'look'. Cooper was surprised by a photographer who captured his new appearance, a very different from Jackson Maine, the character he played in the hit movie 'A Star Is Born'.

The photograph, published by the TMZ portal, shows Cooper enjoying his daughter, Lea De Seineen, at the Disneyland Park in Los Angeles. In the image you can see the American with his shorter hair and a bushy mustache that is unusual in his style.

His new 'look' has caused criticism in social networks; while some claim that it looks good, others have mocked and ensured thatand resembles Mario Bros, the character of Nintendo, or Ned Flanders, the 'neighbor' of The Simpsons.

In recent months, Cooper has been in the eye of the hurricane because of its separation with the Russian model Irina Shayk, after four years of relationship. At the time many accused the singer Lady Gaga as responsible for the breakup, however, some time later the magazine 'People' revealed a series of photos of her with the sound engineer Dan Horton, apparently her current partner.

The entertainment media have begun to speculate that the chemistry between Gaga and Bradley Cooper, which was noted after the filming of 'A star is born', added to the speculation that both were already boyfriends and lived together, It was just a strategy to get attention and take people to movie theaters. The only certainty is that Cooper is currently one of the most sought-after singles in Hollywood. Here you can meet Bradley Cooper's love 'record'.




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