On his Instagram account, Booba shared a publication where he decided to go back to the origins of their scramble with Kalash!

Booba is known for his performances in rap, but not only. Indeed, he clashes himself regularly with many rappers like Kaaris for example, with whom he organized an octagon fight. But he is not the only one. Indeed, for some time it's with Kalash that man gets confused on social networks. This Sunday, September 1, B2o shared several videos on his Instagram account. He revealed the origins of their clash.

In captioning his Instagram videos, Booba wrote: "Hello Kévin @ kalash972 That's the day you were taken to the CHIKGO district in Guyana 973. (The day when your" cardboard handler "@clarakata fainted like a shit at our table because she had drunk too much of Jack 🤣). At the end of the second video the bug says you did not greet them. And you are scared. Looks like you live on insta finally huh real ratpi! ".

Booba makes things clear with Kalash

On Instagram, Booba also added: "To make short … of 1 I never slept with your ex-wife. I will never have done that, I salute her. From 2 I have no problem with the fact that you did not sign at 92i on the contrary. Finally, one day you got confused with @chris_macari. And you text me to tell me that you were going to make him a "dinguerie". Since that day I put a cross on you. That's … on this ».

With his publications, Booba has also harvested over 79,000 "likes". But once again, his fans do not really understand how the rapper was able to to get confused with Kalash. Some even consider it "Coolest rapper". These explanations are sure to be read by the principal concerned. For a few days, Kalash also regularly ranks B2o.