We already knew, as Jarod told you before, that the refrigerated Yumi, the nonchalant Neo Politan, the increased Akatsuki and the frightening tank Blitztank would be part of the additions of this lot proposed at the rate twenty-five dollars. Now with a new announcement video, the creators of the cosmopolitan casting title continue and finish listing additional heroes, starting with Celica A. Mercury, correcting her opponents with her magic and automaton, and ending with the awesome armor of the brutal Susanoo, both from BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Between the two, the developers note the arrival of an additional pair of boxers invoked from the world of Persona 4 Arena : Elizabeth the mortal hostess accompanied by Thanatos, as well as Tohru Adachi, the crooked detective striking with his persona Magatsu-Izanagi. They finally finish the dance by illustrating the appearance of Hilda, the arrogant conjurer coming for the first time.Under Night In-Birth. Remember that beyond this small world, the upcoming expansion pack will house a new scenario and new decorations and interactions for the characters; it will come with a free balancing update.

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