In broad daylight, a man is shot in the middle of Berlin. An eyewitness compares the act with an execution. A suspect has already been caught.

A cyclist shot dead a man in the Berlin district of Moabit in broad daylight. The man had died after resuscitation attempts, said a police spokesman The "image" indicates that the dead man is supposed to be a Chechen Islamist predator.

Suspect caught, murder weapon found

The crime occurred at noon, police said. Witnesses have alerted the police and reported shots in the area of ​​the Tiergarten, a park in the district of Moabit. In the afternoon, a suspect was caught, as the prosecutor announced. The police spoke of a cyclist who is under suspicion.

In the evening, according to information from the German Press Agency, divers have found the murder weapon, a pistol, on the Holsteiner Ufer in the Spree. This is only a few hundred meters from the scene. Also the bike should have been found there. According to the information, the perpetrator is said to have shot the victim in the head.

The "Berliner Morgenpost" described the act based on the testimony of a witness as a veritable "execution". According to the witness, the perpetrator approached the victim from behind on the bicycle. He fired from a few meters away. When the victim was lying on the ground, the perpetrator shot a second time and then fled the bike.

Related to clan crime?

Prosecutor Ralph Knispel, who also detected in the area of ​​clan crime, hurried to the scene. This could indicate that this is an organized crime crime. Prosecutor spokesman Martin Steltner said, however, the dpa, Knispel had been responsible as a public prosecutor on Friday. "That was a normal process."

According to "Bild" information, the victim is said to have been an Islamist threat. The public prosecutor's office was no longer available for inquiries in the late afternoon. How many shots were fired and where the man was hit, has not been communicated. "We do not comment on that," said Speaker Steltner.

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