Heavy accident in Berlin-Mitte: A Porsche crashed onto a sidewalk. The SUV has torn four people to death. Against the driver is determined.

Update from September 11, 3:47 pm:

According to the prosecutors, the police have so far had no insight into the patient's record of the 42-year-old driver. The prosecution now pointed out that the file as well as other information of the attending physician fell under the medical confidentiality.

The spokeswoman said that according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, there is a ban on confiscation that applies to the medical records. The patient file should therefore only be issued if the patient releases the doctor from confidentiality or if a judge issues a confiscation order. Both had not happened.

The driver, on the basis of suspicion of negligent homicide is determined, had not commented, but is represented by a lawyer. As an accused in a preliminary investigation, the man may be silent.

Update from September 11, 2:38 pm: After the car accident with four dead in the Berlin inner city, the police continue to evaluate testimonies. There were indications to the police, which will now be pursued, said a spokeswoman for the prosecutor on Wednesday. How many witnesses had reported was not known. Also right after the accident on Friday evening, witnesses of the incident had spoken with the police, the spokeswoman said. Their statements were often noted only briefly, so the observers would now "thoroughly investigated".

Also the already known video, which comes from a camera in a taxi and shows the accident car shortly before the impact, will be evaluated. Other films or photos have not been received by the police, said the spokeswoman.

Update from September 11, 9:39 am: There is still uncertainty about a possible cause of accidents after the fatal traffic accident in Berlin. As the Berlin morning mail now wants to know, could provide the medical record of the accident driver possible indications of a medical cause. Already at the weekend, the prosecution had therefore tried to confiscate the file. But as the Berliner Morgenpost wants to know further, a jury refused. For what reasons is therefore not known.

To get closer to the cause of the tragic accident, the police hoped on Monday for new evidence from the population. Via the homepage of the police a reference portal is now also available, to which videos and photos of the accident can be uploaded.

Update from September 10, 9:43 pm: As image reported on the basis of their own information, the driver of the Porsche has been released from the hospital.

After horror accident with Porsche SUV: driver under police protection

Update from September 10th, 1:45 pm: The investigation into the tragic accident in Berlin is not yet completed, even about the cause of the accident, there is little information. However, as RTL now wants to know, the driver should still be injured in the hospital. There, the man would also be under police protection.

As the TV station wants to have learned from police circles, although there is no specific threat, it concerns precautionary protective measures.

Horror accident with Porsche SUV in Berlin: guesswork about exact accident

Update from September 10, 11:03: There is still horror about the tragic accident in Berlin, now the police asks the population for help. After the serious traffic accident in which four people died, the exact accident is still unclear.

Investigators hope now by witnesses to the clash more clues. Who has observed the accident and can provide information about the accident? Who are the video recordings of the crash?

Witnesses are requested to report to the Investigation Group Invalidenstrasse of the traffic investigation service of the Police Directorate 3 at Invalidenstrasse 57 in Berlin-Moabit, at (030) 4664-372800 or at any other police station.

Update from September 9th, 2:39 pm: How did the serious accident in Berlin, in which four people died? Again Tagesspiegel now want to have learned from police circles, the evidence could condense that the driver of the SUV could have had an epileptic seizure. Accordingly, the driver should have taken a drug just before the accident.

However, this information has not yet been confirmed by either the prosecution or the police.

Horror accident with Porsche SUV: New theory on the accident in Berlin – police suspect

Update from September 9th, 1:23 pm: As part of the investigation, an expert was commissioned shortly after the accident, as the police said. In addition, the medical record of the 42-year-old driver could play a role. Whether the public prosecutor's office already initiated the seizure of the file, was not yet determined on Monday morning.

Update from September 9, 8:48: After the serious car accident in Berlin-Mitte, in which a Porsche SUV hit the sidewalk and four people, including a four-year-old, killed in death, the police determined for negligent homicide. A spokeswoman for the police said Monday. According to information from the weekend, the police considered, among other things, a medical emergency with the driver as the cause of the accident. The 42-year-old is therefore seriously injured in the hospital. Intent was initially ruled out.

The accident sparked a discussion about SUVs in inner cities. On Saturday evening, about 500 people came to a vigil at the intersection Invalidenstraße / Ackerstraße. Also on Sunday, passersby put candles, flowers and pictures at the scene of the accident. To investigate the cause, the police wanted to recreate the accident in a 3D model if necessary.

Horror accident with Porsche SUV: New theory on the accident in Berlin

Update from the 8th of September: The question of the cause of the accident is still unclear. "We had an accident reconstruction report prepared," said Mona Lorenz, spokeswoman for the Berlin prosecutor, the Picture on Sunday, Striking: There was probably no skid marks. The cockpit camera of a taxi driver had recorded the accident, the video was before the police. On it it seemed as if the brake lights of the Porsche light up. Did not the brakes work properly? Mona Lorenz: "The vehicle was confiscated. At the present time, we can not rule out a technical defect, "says Lorenz.

Horror accident in Berlin: Porsche SUV racing on sidewalk

News from September 7th: Update, 8:56 pm: After the tragic accident in Berlin-Mitte, one day after the accident uncertainty about the cause of the accident prevails. As the police explained on Saturday, so far, a medical emergency with the driver of the accident car can not be excluded. Meanwhile, a video shows the dramatic minutes before the devastating crash.

In the video published by RTL can be seen how the Porsche SUV drives on the opposite lane over an intersection. With significantly increased speed the car drives towards a group on the sidewalk.

The church of St. Elisabeth, which is close to the scene of the accident, was to be opened to silent commemoration on Sunday during the day. A concert planned for Sunday as well as the open day of the girls' choir of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin were postponed, as the church announced.

Update, 6:54 pm: Several hundred people of the victims of the heavy traffic accident on the evening before in Berlin-Mitte were thinking of a vigil on Saturday evening. Many participants sat on the Invalidenstraße, which was closed to traffic. They were silent for four minutes – one minute for each fatality. For each a white plastic figurine was placed at the scene of the accident.

An SUV had strayed off the road on Friday night. The cause of the accident was initially unclear, the police in their investigation, including health problems for the driver into consideration.

The SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) had fatally injured a three-year-old boy, a 64-year-old woman – the unconfirmed information of the baby's grandmother – and two men, 28 and 29 years old. At the scene of the accident, people laid flowers, cards and stuffed animals over people all Saturday and put out candles.

Several hundred people attend a vigil at the place where four people died in a traffic accident on Friday.

© dpa / Paul Zinken

Update, 14.56 clock: After the accident with four dead in Berlin the police examine also whether a medical emergency with the driver of the car could have been the cause. Initial evidence flowed as well as other statements, information and evidence in the preliminary investigation, said the authority on Saturday. The 42-year-old was taken blood. He suffered head injuries in the accident on Friday night and is in the hospital.

The man had strayed off the road in his off-road vehicle (SUV) at the intersection of Invalidenstrasse and Ackerstrasse. The car caught four people on the sidewalk: a three-year-old boy, a 64-year-old woman, and two men, aged 28 and 29, were injured at the scene of the accident. The mother of the toddler who had another child survived, according to fire department.

According to police, a 38-year-old and her nine-year-old boy suffered a shock, as did the two other car occupants, a six-year-old girl and a 67-year-old woman. For possible kinship, the police did not provide information for reasons of piety.

Update, 12:15 pm: At the scene of the accident with four dead in Berlin-Mitte dozens of residents expressed their grief on Saturday morning. They laid flowers on the sidewalk at the intersection of Invalidenstrasse and Ackerstrasse and put out candles. Passers-by discussed the possible course of the accident. The clubs FOOT, Changing Cities and Traffic Club Germany called for Saturday night to a vigil at the scene of the accident. They called for fewer cars and more stringent speed limits. "Every kilometer more is an additional danger – and with super heavy SUVs even more than with smaller vehicles," it said.

On Friday evening, a Porsche SUV had driven over the sidewalk and through a fence on a building plot. Four people, including a toddler, died according to police.

Heavy accident with four dead in Berlin-Mitte: Here the destroyed SUV.

© dpa / Paul Zinken

Residents said on Saturday at the scene of the accident, the SUV had gone too fast, have bent a traffic light mast and turned in the air. The police are still evaluating results of forensics and the testimony of the witnesses. Experts of the traffic police were on the scene until the night, in order to secure traces of the accident. It all points to a traffic accident, said the police spokesman dpa-Inquiry.

Berlin: Porsche races on sidewalk – four people dead, three seriously injured – in the car sat a child

Update from September 7, 6:30 pm:Meanwhile, more and more details about the terrible accident are becoming known. As a police spokesman said, three people were severely injured, including the driver and co-driver of the accident car. Loud "Berliner Morgenpost" it should be the passenger to the mother of the driver. They were treated on site by forces of the Berlin fire department. Later that night, a fire department spokesman said a six-year-old girl was also injured. The girl was in the accident in the Porsche. The girl was taken to a hospital.

Berlin: Porsche races on sidewalk – four people dead

News of September 6: Berlin – In Berlin, a serious accident has occurred: In the district of Mitte, a Porsche SUV raced on a walkway and has torn four people to their deaths. Three people were seriously injured as things stand today. That tweeted the police Berlin. The car broke through a sidewalk barrier at the corner of Invalidenstrasse and Ackerstrasse in the early evening and landed in a shrubbery.

Among the victims is also a child. It was about three to four years old. People should have been on the sidewalk. Whether these were covered by the car, but still needs to be clarified, said a police spokesman. The driver had come to the hospital seriously injured for inpatient treatment.

Porsche races on sidewalk in Berlin: accident still unclear

According to initial findings, several people were in the car – like many, was initially unclear. Possibly, inmates were thrown out of the car when he landed in the vacant lot.

Loud image There were three people in the Porsche, in addition to the driver, a woman and a six-year-old child, who was also injured. The driver was from the Dusseldorf area. "When we arrived literally a picture of the horror has shown," the newspaper quoted a fire department spokesman.

The accident is still completely open. First, the question was whether it is a deliberate act. However, everything points to a traffic accident, according to the police spokesman.

Serious accident in Berlin: Several ambulances on site

The fire brigade searched the place with a thermal camera to make sure that all victims were recovered. The police also had several crew transporters at the accident site. Ambulances waited in a row. Present witnesses were interviewed to clarify the accident. 40 emergency services were loud Berlin morning mail on site.

The Invalidenstraße was closed between gate and field road in both directions, which diverted there long-running tram lines. "Please do not interfere with the rescue and rescue teams on site," the police tweeted Berlin. image According to the police, the driver assumes that the driver lost control of the vehicle.

A BMW raced into a group of pedestrians on Friday evening in Stuttgart. The police speak of several seriously injured, as Heidelberg24 * reports. In March 2019, a 20-year-old in a Jaguar was in debt of a fatal accident in Stuttgart, now the Death Raser is facing trial for murder, as reported by Heidelberg24 *. In Hanover, after an accident, there was a rip-off of the men involved. Previously, the polluter had wanted to eat an important document.

* Heidelberg24.de is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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