In Orthez on Tuesday, it is a big fright that provoked the sight of a snake. A small grassroot snake had snuck into the engine and then the ventilation system of a car. She did not find a better time than the highway to appear between the windshield and the dashboard.

Around 3 pm, on the A64, in the Bayonne-Toulouse direction, at Orthez, the driver pounded and made a call from the emergency bollards. The men of ASF were the first to intervene without managing to dislodge the snake. A team of Orthez firefighters, including an animal technical adviser, came to help them. Without success. "When he called us, he said he saw a head out right in front of him, says Michel Galant, driver of works of Vinci Autoroutes, present on the scene. We tried to find the snake in the engine, in the cockpit. The dashboard was impossible to disassemble. Firefighters even used a refrigerant gas to force her out. But we could not see her. "

A totally harmless species

After two hours, the driver, a Spaniard, preferred to take the road keeping the intruder in his cockpit, reassured to learn that the collar snake is a totally harmless species.

This tranquility will not last long. Nine kilometers away, the snake came out under the windshield. The motorist again appealed to ASF patrolmen. Without more success than the first time. "We finally clogged the air vents with rags and the driver took the road," continues Michel Galant. A road that looked long. The Spaniard was to join the Ardeche, 700 km away.


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