Timo Werner does not go to Bayern Munich, but extends his contract in Leipzig. Image: imago images / ULMER Press Photo Agency

Bayern is gambling with Timo Werner – everything should have been clear

It came surprisingly and quickly: Timo Werner does not change, as has been assumed for months, from RB Leipzig to Bayern, but extends his contract in Leipzig. Sunday noon Werner signed his new contract until 2023 in the office of sports director Markus Krösch. This ends the month-long transfer tug of RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich around the 23-year-old international. That was probably due to the failure of a Bayern plan.

A few hours after signing, Werner already showed why so many teams want to sign him up. Even before the game of RB against Eintracht Frankfurt coach Julian Nagelsmann said: "This is very good news, because he is a very important player for the club", the new RB coach at "Sky" was looking forward to kick-off and wished, "Hopefully he can crown the contract signature today with one or two goals."

Already in the tenth minute of the game, Nagelsmann's wish came true: Werner scored to 1: 0. After a corner from Sabitzer and a header extension of Poulsen Werner turned skillfully at the second post on its own axis and pressed the ball by volley into the goal. RB won 2-1 at the end and Werner was celebrated ten minutes before the end of his replacement by the Leipzig fans.

Werner has an exit clause in the contract

After the game Werner had to answer the reporters then of course above all questions about the contract extension. "In the end, I've been a long time and have not said anything for a long time. In the end, after a long period of reflection, I decided to extend it here. "

The reasons of the extension, however, he let only partially ruminate: "I think that so far only good things happened to me in Leipzig. In the end, with the seasons you've played here, you've watched what you can do, "said Werner.For me, the decision was easy to take another step here in Leipzig. I feel good and I hope that many people are happy about it. "

Alright: Timo Werner stays in Leipzig. Image: Hartmut Boesener / imago-images

But of course, not only the nice people in Leipzig are responsible for the extension. Thus Werner is to earn by the new contract a much higher salary and be rewarded with an exit clause. This would greatly facilitate a change in the coming years. The transfer is to lie according to various media reports between 30 and 47 million euros and fall with increasing contract duration. CEO Oliver Mintzlaff expressly denied the clause. The deal probably came about only because Bayern had gambled.

Bayern speculated on a free transfer bill

Even in the past few months a change from Werner to Bayern seemed to be a mere formality. As a German international and offensive kicker, the young Werner fit perfectly into the loot scheme of the record champions, who needed anyway until last week on the offensive necessarily new players.

Werner also flirted intensively with the people of Munich. At the end of 2018 he said: "If you play in Germany at RB Leipzig and want to stay in Germany, there is only one club to switch to."

Werner met so far in both Bundesliga games of the new season. Image: imago images / Jan Huebner

But everything changed. This has to do with the transfer tactics of Bayern, reports the always well informed and serious "kicker". So the FC Bayern have made no last minute to buy the national team this summer. Werner had been deterred by this timid approach of Bavaria. The club, however, firmly believe that Werner will change to next season free transfer to the record champions. The tactic of Bayern failed, however.

According to "Sky" information, there should have already been a negotiated contract between Bayern and Werner. Open was only the question of when Werner changes to Munich. The most likely variant was a transfer-free change next year with hand money for the player, The good discussions should have caused Werner also that all other offers and requests for the striker were never an option. But according to "Sky" Bayern have not reported then – to the displeasure of his environment.

Werner opted for the people of Leipzig, who ensnared their protégé all the time.

Werner likes Nagelsmann

Unlike Bayern, Leipzig's new coach fought hard for Werner: "Timo has a trainer, Julian Nagelsmann, who absolutely wanted us to renew with him"RB boss Mintzlaff said:" The ambitions and visions of the Hoffenheim-born coach also seem to convince the player. "Werner extended.

Julian Nagelsmann was long in the bidding for Timo Werner. Image: imago images / Picture Point LE

For Leipzig, the extension of Werner is also an important sign to the competition from Munich and Dortmund: "This is a clear signal that we are not a training club and leave the players after two or three yearsbut we are committed to sustainability and continuity, "said Mintzlaff, emphasizing Timo Werner's position:" Timo Werner has become a national player here, has made well over 150 games and scored more than 60 goals. He is an important player for us, so we fought for him for a long time. "

Does Bayern ever need Werner?

For Werner is likely next to the new paycheck and the qualities of his coach also the prospect of playing time in the national team one of the main reasons for staying.

The European Championship will take place next summer. Unlike in the (now) star-studded Bayern offensive, the native of Stuttgart is set at RB. He has hardly any disadvantages compared to Munich: In the Champions League Werner can prove himself on an international top level and recommend it to national coach Joachim Löw.

At Bayern, it would have been difficult for the variable Werner with all the competition to get to playing time: Top scorer Robert Lewandowski is set in the topalongside the well-established Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry, new winger Ivan Perisic and attacking star Philippe Coutinho paw their hooves. There are also veteran Thomas Müller and world champion Corentin Tolisso.

The loaned Perisic and Coutinho may be off again after the season, and Robert Lewandowski has called for another striker in the transfer window. A change from the table is not. Since Bayern has no other "real" striker in addition to the Poland, the record champion could knock on Werner again next summer. The club would then not only have to pay a fee, but also do some convincing.


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