While the institutional investors in the presentation of the Bitcoin Maximalisten pawing before the start of Bakkt with the hooves.

John McAfee: Bitcoin acts like a drug to cartels

From 23 September will show whether the hype surrounding the bitcoin futures brand Bakkt was justified. Then, namely, the trade in the physically settled Bitcoin futures contracts should begin. Apparently, John McAfee, the enfant terrible of the crypto scene, can hardly wait: In a tweet on September 20, the controversial IT security giant claims that Bakkt is launching on today's September 21st. That said, McAfee is optimistic about Bakkt's signaling for a broader adoption of Bitcoin:

Bakkt goes live tomorrow. It is an institutionalized exchange, so I will not use it, but the institutions will feel a degree of trust that they did not have before. It could speed up the introduction of crypto. But remember – it is the opposite of the freedom movement.

On the hint of a Twitterati that Bakkt is rightly hyped replies McAfee:

Right. And it is needed by much of the mass. But, just like buying drugs from organized crime syndicates – use the offer, if necessary, but do not let yourself be infected by the mindset behind it.

Binance: Venus> Libra

Samuel Lim, Chief Compliance Officer of the Maltese Bitcoin exchange Binance, sees in their stable-coin project "Venus" a serious competition for the Facebeook Coin Libra. In conversation with the English-language crypto-medium Coindesk Lim emphasizes that Binance is more than a block ahead thanks to her many years of experience in Blockchain Space Facebook:

You could say it's an answer to Libra, or you could say it's an alternative to Libra. I would say it's like a strong competitor of Libra. We know what we do. It's not like Facebook, they say they're putting together a blockchain team. We have been involved in this business since day one, and CZ (Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance) has been doing so for more than ten years.

So that Venus does not succumb to a regulatory gauntlet like Libra, Binance wants to congratulate governments and central banks in the coming months:

I can say that in the next three to six months, we will be working hard for partnerships with governments, central banks and large corporations,

so Lim opposite Coindesk,

Cardano boss sees opportunity for Libra in Europe

Despite the negative tone that resounds the planned Facebook coin from the European Union, especially from France and Germany, the Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson keeps the resistance u. a. by Federal Finance Minister Scholz for a fight against windmills. He justifies this Decrypt with the heterogeneous composition of Europe:

I do not think there is a single cryptocurrency policy in Europe. Europe is not a hegemony in which there is only one universal voice. It is more of an accumulation of different impartial (sic) interests, and sometimes they steer in one direction, sometimes in the other.

This razor-sharp analysis by Hoskinson, of course, only applies until Germany and France prove in the European Parliament that hegemony can also prevail under formally equal. True to the motto: All are the same, but some are the same.

Self-critical Charlie Lee wants a Litecoin without Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is known to be the face of Bitcoin Brother Litecoin. Meanwhile, apparently to his chagrin. In an interview with the crypto blog Crypto Late The founder of the Litecoin Foundation expresses concerns about his pivotal role in the project:

What I want from Litecoin is that it does not need me at some point, so in the end is a decentralized currency. Having a centralized figurehead is counterproductive. Because then I become a central point of failure.

It can be left that way.


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