Potential defects of nuclear components concern five reactors "at least"on the French fleet, says the president of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in Le Figaro on Thursday, recalling that he can decide to close if necessary.

EDF announced this week that the planned procedures were not respected by its subsidiary Framatome during operations "on some steam generator welds", large components of the plants, during their manufacture.

"About twenty steam generators are potentially involved, which means a small part of the French nuclear fleet. But at this stage, the inventory of Framatome equipment that is affected is not yet established", reminds the president of the ASN, Bernard Doroszczuk.

"EDF has warned that it will specify in a week or so the number of equipment affected"but"At least five nuclear reactors are affected by this problem. It is not finished", he adds, quoted by the daily.

The Authority plans to act in less than one month, with the possibility oftake precautionary measures that may go as far as shutting down the reactors if necessary", recalled Bernard Doroszczuk.

ASN can decide at any time to shut down a reactor for safety reasons. In 2017, it had thus temporarily stopped the four reactors of the Tricastin plant (Drôme) while work was being done on the site.

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