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Apple has recently presented its new generation of smartphones with the iPhone 11, which, like the models from last year, once again relies on a so-called notch in the display. In order to take this into account in software as well, developers must provide binding support for the design next spring.

As Apple explains in a post on its developer page, it is therefore necessary that both new apps and app updates the recess at the top of the screen or the round corners in the design of the user interface. This regulation should apply from April 2020 and from then on it will only be possible to use the current developer tools for the new iOS version 13 (iOS 13 SDK). Specifically, Apple calls the requirements for the "all-screen design" of the iPhone XS Max or later, of course, last year's iPhone XS and the iPhone XR set apart from the new iPhone 11 and its Pro versions on a Notch design.

Meanwhile, there is a limited requirement for developers for the "Dark Mode" on iOS 13, as reported Again, an adjustment should actually be binding, but there should be exceptions, such as temporary, if the developer has more time for the implementation needed, or permanently, if the app is not designed for dark screen mode.

The release of the new operating system version for iPhones is meanwhile scheduled for September 19, the day before the official launch of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max on September 20, for which the pre-order phase will start on September 13. IOS 13 is available from the iPhone 6s, iPhone SE or iPod Touch 7th Generation. iPads should receive the new version of the now adapted iPadOS meanwhile only on 30 September, starting from the models iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4.

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Apple iOS: Version 13 will be released on September 19th – these iPhones are included

In keeping with the new iPhone 11 models, Apple is also bringing its own mobile operating system on course. Version 13 will be available for free download on 19 September. The variant for the iPad will follow at the end of the month. New is a system-wide darker display mode as well as a more extensive file manager. iPhone 11, Pro and Max presented: Specifications, Price and Release

iPhone 11, Pro and Max presented: Technical data, prices and release (update with table)

Now Updated: As expected, Apple today announced three new iPhone models as part of its annual September event. Once again, the big differences apart from the price can be found especially in the cameras and the displays or sizes. iPhone 11: Waiting for 5G or USB-C, Internet makes fun of camera (1)

iPhone 11: Waiting for 5G or USB-C, Internet makes fun of camera

After yesterday's presentation of the iPhone 11 it becomes clear that there will be neither 5G nor USB-C. In the meantime, many are making fun of the new iPhones on the net. Partly the most absurd comparisons are drawn.

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Apple A13 chipset: heart of the iPhone 11 presented

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