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Apple has released the first official comment on what media reports have called a spy scandal, keeping recordings of iPhone users, even intimate ones.

Apple said it apologized for hiring employees to listen to audio recordings of iPhone users, even those intimate ones.

Apple said: "We plan to resume those classification processes, only to customers who agree to this order, and will be listed only for our officials and not the contractors, and they will only have access to registrations."

“After reviewing the results of the review, we realized that we had not fully complied with our ideals and we apologize for the recordings recorded by our contracting staff of 0.2% of Siri's voice recordings in the period prior to the cessation of the rating process.”

Apple also announced the adoption of three major changes before resuming access to recordings:

1. Phonograms will not be retained by default; instead, their staff will rely on verbal texts created by the computer.

2. Siri users will choose whether to share voice recordings or not to activate them at any time.

3. Only company officials have access to the recordings and any recordings made “unintentionally” will be deleted.

A dangerous report revealed a shocking surprise about Siri, the voice assistant in the iPhone's smartphones, which may not make you after reading it put your phone in your bedroom.

Citing a source who declined to be named, the Guardian said Apple's companies, particularly Siri quality monitors, regularly listen to sensitive user information.

High-profile information, which they accidentally listened to, included medical information and criminal activities, such as drug exchange deals, as well as couples having sex.

But Apple's collaborators said they only listen to less than 1 percent of Siri's daily activations, and that it takes just seconds to control quality, make sure Apple's voice assistant is successful in meeting user requests, and measure The degree of its efficiency in its implementation.

While Apple says in a statement that these "private registrations" are not linked by its collaborators to specific user names and that they are being studied inside secure facilities, bound by strict confidentiality requirements, the Telegraph hints that there are still some concerns about Some new recruits are newly recruited, and some may misuse this data in theory.

Apple's collaborators are only charged with reporting Siri's occasional requests as technical problems, but not about the content of what they hear.

The Guardian report recalls the murder in rural New Hampshire, USA, in 2017, when the body of a girl stabbed to death by a boyfriend was found. The FBI discovered that he was keeping the Amazon Echo smart headset inside. Her bedroom, and another in the kitchen, was what she passed on to all his girlfriend's information, even to her conversations with her friends, after he had infiltrated the Amazon Eco.



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