With the Series 5 of this season, Apple transforms the test Series 4 of 2018. We stay on the comfortable sizes of cases introduced last year – 40 and 44 mm – but we have the choice of new materials; more freedom in the configuration with the bracelets and some exclusive software and hardware functions.

One could say that there are more than nine on the form that on the bottom. The rumor of a sleep monitoring function did not materialize, but it was also mentioned for 2020. Other brands proposing it, it will arrive one day at Apple.

Titanium has arrived

For who stayed on old Apple Watch or who still hesitated to take the step towards this product, the reading of his profile should be more positive. We have a solid product, rich in possible uses and perfectly integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

New materials

There are now four varieties of materials for the Apple Watch Series 5, from the most affordable to the most expensive: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium (new) and ceramic (coming back).

Also be aware that the interest for a type of connectivé (GPS and / or cellular) will condition the material of the case. If you only have interest in GPS, it will be an Apple Watch aluminum. The cellular option exists on aluminum but for steel, titanium and ceramics it is the only choice (Orange and SFR sell adapted 4G packages).

Titanium, titanium "sidereal black" and ceramic

The titanium and ceramic versions belong to the so-called "Edition" category, which stands out for its higher prices. With titanium, Apple is in tune with other watch brands that use it commonly. It is proposed in two finishes: a rather light natural brush which reveals a slightly raw aspect and another, treated with a "sidereal black" rendering. No yellowing of the surface or fingerprints on the titanium, promises Apple.

Titanium with "sidereal black" finish. Image: Hodinkee

Does this titanium help lighten the watch? Yes … but Apple contradicts itself on the subject. According to a journalist of the site Hodinkee who took over these new models, titanium is actually lighter on the wrist than steel, and heavier than aluminum.

Apple for its part gives technical specifications that show that steel, titanium and ceramic models have exactly the same weight. While in her press release she insists on the less weight of the titanium model against steel. Elsewhere she also says it is 45% lighter than steel.

There are other inconsistencies in these data sheets – about the characteristics of the ceramic version, which should normally be thicker and heavier than other Apple Watch – which means that they will not be taken literally.

The ceramic signs his return after being used on Series 2 and 3. There had been tests in white and then in gray. Apple now only offers white with a brilliant rendering, a color with which the digital crown matches. Apple describes this ceramic as up to four times stronger than stainless steel.

Ceramics (and the new watchOS 6 Meridian dial, not exclusive to the Series 5). Image: Hodinkee

In the box of these models Edition, Apple adds a second bracelet. An attention she already has with the Hermès collections where an Orange Sport is offered. For the Edition it is each time a sport model light gray or dark for watches using titanium and a white Sport for those with ceramic.

A Sport bracelet is offered with the Apple Watch Edition (and Hermes)

Next to Apple's ranges, we still have the special stamped series Nike and Hermes. Each has its specific bracelets and dials: with a sporty connotation in one, with leather, always, in the other.

Apple Watch Nike +

The Nike Apple Watch uses an aluminum case while the Hermes prefer stainless steel. For the aluminum that is also found in the base range of Series 5, Apple has used the same quality as the iPhone XR.

This year the Hermès family comes in a steel version "sidereal black" which, with a bracelet of the same tone and a coordinated dial, seems particularly successful.

Right, the new Hermes stainless steel black version
Image: Hodinkee

Price drop on bracelets

As usual Apple has released seasonal colors for its bracelets. This year, with the models Boucle Sport, it favors associations of two complementary colors, instead of a uni.

Two-tone bracelets

On the Hermes, in addition to additional colors we are entitled to prints on part of the Double Tour bracelets, in addition to black declination.

This is rare enough to be reported, prices have dropped on some models. Should the competition from Asian copies sold for misery for a relatively good quality begin to weigh? Sport Buckle Sport and Nike models are now 49 € instead of 59 €.

There is more striking: the Milanese is no longer 159 € but 99 €! Another example, simple leather also goes from € 159 to € 99. As for the bracelet with links, it loses 50 €, which puts it to 349 € in silver and 449 € in black sidereal.

A studio for bracelets

To accommodate cases and wristbands The Apple Watch Studio is launched on the Apple Store as well as in Apple stores. It allows a customization of its Apple Watch at the time of purchase.

We already had the choice between several associations proposed by Apple, and an online tool to review them easily. From now on you can choose the bracelet you want to go with the case that hits you in the eye.

This freedom still has limits. Do not expect to select an aluminum case and equip it with a Hermes bracelet, or a Nike watch and provide it with a leather strap.

We could already review combinations, now we can modify them

For the Hermes and Nike families, the Studio will only offer bracelets designed for these models first. It will continue to buy their bracelets separately if you have an Apple Watch other collections.

Exclusive features

Several features that Apple shows on its Apple Watch pages are related to watchOS 6 and will be offered to other models, but there are specific things – software and hardware – in the Series 5.

The Series 5 Compass App
  • a screen always on to see the time and its complications regardless of the position of the watch. No need to touch the nose to turn it on when you stand at the subway bars. When not facing you, the power consumption is lowered, the brightness decreases, and the white solid areas in the dials change to a darker color that consumes less energy on OLED displays. A wrist movement will revive everyone (read Series 5: demonstration of the dial that does not go out).
  • a compass function to find the North and better orientate yourself in Plans. There is an app devolving to this feature and complications for the dials. With the GPS and altimeter already included, it is a third source of position data.
  • a dual-core S5 processor (but Apple did not suggest that it was faster than the 2018 S4 dual-core)
  • 32 GB of storage instead of 16 GB
  • a calling feature of an emergency service, wherever you are in the world and without having to have your iPhone or a cellular package on the watch. You just have to have a Cellular Series 5.

Several unpublished dials have been shown but we do not know if they will be offered to previous models. This will be the surprise of watchOS 6 once in final version.

Meridien, a new dial announced for watchOS 6 but absent from the betas until then. In view of its characteristics it will go on Series 4 and 5

watchOS 6 will be available for Series 3 and 4 on Thursday, September 19th. For Series 1 and 2 Apple has granted an additional time, they can receive it " later this fall ". If this is the time needed to continue to optimize this OS to these old Apple Watch we will not complain!

229 € the entry-level Apple Watch

Preorders are open for this range, deliveries and sales in stores will be Friday, September 20th.

The first Series 5, in aluminum, case 40 mm and with the Sport bracelet, start at 449 € (479 € in 44 mm). This is also the price of Nike models.

For the boxes steel we start at 749 € with a sport buckle bracelet (799 € in 44 mm).

Edition in titanium are at 849 € and 899 € with the Boucle Sport bracelet. These are the same prices for the titanium model in sidereal black.

With the Edition in ceramic it goes up a few floors, the cheapest with a Sport Buckle bracelet costs € 399 in 40 mm and € 449 in 44 mm.

At the other end of the scale there is the Series 3 sold 229 € in GPS. For 100 € more we have the cellular option that opens the adapted packages and turn the watch into a small phone if the iPhone is not next to you.

This is a model to consider for profiles of users who especially want to take advantage of the relay of notifications from their iPhone and fitness functions, but without spending too much. With this watch it is possible to measure the heart rate during an effort (but not the electrocardiogram), the step counter, that of the distance and it can be used in swimming pool or at sea (comparison of characteristics).

Finally, with this change of range, it will be necessary to monitor possible promos on this Series 3 model and even more on the Series 4 now that they left the catalog.

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