As you know, the big news of the Apple Watch Series 5 is its "always on" screen. After studying its operation (read: Apple Watch Series 5: what does the screen always look like), the other question that everyone asks is its autonomy. Between the installation, the grip, the fact that we have a new device in the hands with which we play more toy than usual, the period of optimization at the system level … it is probably too much early to draw definitive conclusions.

Failing to decide once and for all, we will observe however that owners of Apple Watch Series 5, for the moment, the first reactions are contrasted and rather negative. In our news explaining the operation of the mode always on, there are several comments suggesting that autonomy is down compared to the Series 4. Our first impressions are quite similar to tell the truth. This tweet summarizes the feelings of many users.

On Reddit, same story in the whole. After the culprit may be called simply watchOS 6.0, which might have some youthful flaws at that level. Moreover, the culprit often mentioned here or there is called Noise. Disabling this feature (from Apple Watch settings) would have some positive impact on battery life. And what about you? Feel free to share your impressions in the comments!

While waiting to see clearly, you can also consult our subject Apple Watch Series 5 on the forums, you will find in particular many photos of users.

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