Several thousand people demonstrate between Hendaye and Irun, on the Spanish border, against the summit taking place in Biarritz.

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The anti-G7 march, Saturday, August 24 in Hendaye.
The anti-G7 march, Saturday, August 24 in Hendaye. STEPHANE MAHE / REUTERS

An eclectic crowd of several thousand opponents of the G7 Biarritz, in the south-west of France, peacefully parade Saturday, August 24 from Hendaye to the Spanish border town of Irun. In a good-natured atmosphere, the protesters – 15,000 according to the organizers, 9,000 to 13 hours in Hendaye according to the police – have traveled in the calm these four kilometers, denying the fears of the authorities who feared excesses for this only authorized event.

Our correspondent, Rémi Barroux, follows the mobilization of anti-G7 protesters:

Many red flags, green and white floated above the march, which mixed anticapitalists, environmentalists, alterglobalists, Basque sympathizers and a few dozen "yellow vests". The organizers assured themselves not to fear violence. "We have a fairly extensive mediation service with 200 experienced, mainly Basque, activists", said a spokeswoman for Alternative G7, a counter-summit co-organizer, calling "State forces to responsibility".

Clashes Friday night in Urrugne

Friday night clashes between police and demonstrators in Urrugne, near the camp where reside some of the opponents at the G7 summit. The police were fired from projectiles and used tear gas and defense ball launchers (LBD).

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Seventeen people were arrested, four policemen slightly wounded and seven protesters supported by the approved civil protection services, the prefecture said.

According to the entourage of the counter-summit organization, 23 people were treated by street medics, for conditions "From the scratch to the LBD projectile in the legs". Clashes that, according to the organization, "Do not tarnish the success of the counter-summit". Completed Friday night after three days of debate, this event has gathered 5,000 people, say the organizers, Alternatives G7 and the Basque platform G7 Ez (no G7).

In total, more than 13,000 members of the police, supported by the army, were mobilized by the French government to ensure the safety of the summit and demonstrations.

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