In Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, during your expeditions, you will discover dozens of different places. Visiting some will have the effect of dropping a meteorite on the map. Its crash zone is signified by a big black smoke winding towards the sky. Going hunting meteorites is not only a real adventure that takes you through unknown and dangerous places but is also extremely rewarding! Discover in this guide all that we currently know about these famous meteorites and will be updated as and when.

Activate the meteorite fall

As mentioned previously, visiting certain places will result in raining a meteorite. To be done go to the place in question and identify the. As a consequence of that, a cutscene will begin revealing a meteorite fall. here is a few places triggering this meteor shower we found.

  • Hidden waterfall refuge in the jungle (starting area)
  • Ancestral tree (towards the center of the jungle, a huge tree)
  • Mountain Peak (a big mountain not far from the big lake)

Where to find meteorite sites

Once the meteorite has fallen, it will leave a great trail of black smoke from the crash site. Take the height to better locate it but be careful, this smoke does not stay forever. If it ends up disappearing, do not worry, meteorite sites tend to be close to places to visit. You will end up falling on it. Here are some meteorite sites we found.

  • Meteorite site of the island crocodile island(Great Lake Area)
  • Meteorite site of the flat rock not far from Refuge de la cascade split(Great Lake Area)
  • Meteorite site of the dead tree At the mountain plateau
Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, meteorite sites, our guide to know everythingAncestors: The Humankind Odyssey, meteorite sites, our guide to know everything

The effects of a meteorite

All this meteorite hunting is not trivial. Indeed, pick up a meteorite has two very important consequences. The first is to give you an extra reinforcement point for your passing generation. It is therefore added to number of babies you own. The second effect unlocks a random neural point in your neural web. This can help you move faster in your evolution. As mentioned several times in the guide, everything you do in the game is rewarding. Enjoy it.

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