Analysts of the portal “Price Auto” followed the growth in prices for the Volkswagen Tiguan crossover over the past two years.

It is noted that in September 2017, the minimum price tag for this car was 1.349 million rubles, and the maximum – 2.139 million rubles. Two years later, in the second half of August, the Volkswagen Tiguan crossover can be purchased at a price of 1.499 million to 2.599 million rubles.

Thus, the increase in car prices amounted to 150 thousand rubles for the most affordable version and 460 thousand rubles for top-end equipment, or 11.1% and 21.5%, respectively. At the same time, the price tag for the most expensive version of the car increased, including due to the appearance of the Tiguan crossover in the Sportline configuration.

We add that Volkswagen Tiguan is consistently included in the TOP-10 models of the SUV segment and according to the results of July, against the background of a general drop in the market for new cars by 2.4%, it showed a quarter sales growth.


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