She mistook him for a burglar. An American woman opened fire on her daughter, an 18-year-old student who came to pay her a surprise visit, local media reported Wednesday (September 4th). The young woman was injured in the arm Friday night in Girard, North Ohio, but his days are not in danger, according to local news channel WFMJ (article in English).

The mother who had a gun license was alone at home when she heard "noises towards his kitchen or his entrance", explained to the chain the local police chief John Norman. "Since she had a weapon nearby, she opened fire on the person who was walking through her door"he added, adding that she was shocked in realizing the identity of her victim.

The police officer plans to send a report to the local prosecutor, who will decide whether there are grounds for prosecution. The carrying of arms is a constitutionally guaranteed right, to which the Americans are very attached. More than one-third of adults own at least one firearm. About 40,000 people were shot dead in 2017 from all causes, according to official statistics


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