The TV presenter may scorn Julia because of the connection with the boss.

There was always a glow between the co-hosts of “Male / Female”, but no one expected that he would result in such a scandal. “Shut your mouth,” Gordon Baranovskaya rudely said, thereby humiliating the TV presenter. Why does Alexander have such a dislike for Julia? The presenter hinted that she is nobody here and does not differ in her special talent. The affair with the boss of the TV show "Male / Female", according to viewers, could be the main cause of the scandal. He loves talented and smart people, and Baranovskaya randomly turned into his colleague, which, apparently, terribly annoys him. For several hours, Julia published a photo with a man because of which the whole fuss could begin.

Julia admitted in stories that she has a beloved man from whom she is waiting for an offer. Observing users believe that the unknown man is Julia's lover and he is also the boss of Gordon and Baranovsky. Alexander has always been a truth-seeker. He believes that there should be more professionals on television who have received the appropriate education. Like him. And he doesn’t care that he risks his place, speaking so loudly. Gordon emphasized that he never works on well-read, unlike co-host – he speaks from his head. However, they work on an equal footing. Apparently, he is disgusting and disgusting that girls like Julia occupy their post through bed.

A video featuring Baranovskaya and Gordon hit online users. The girl on the air of the program emphasized that a colleague had gone astray and offered to rewrite, after which Gordon rudely closed her mouth. Viewers of the program opened their mouths from what was happening in the studio. Julia herself hastened to publish this shame, because she was afraid that this information would spill out in a more severe form. Therefore, I decided to beat the situation, turning it into a joke.



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