Craftsmen showed that Soviet trucks and Zaporozhets can be compatible, although they look awkward.

On the VKontakte social network, an image of a strange SUV built from parts of a ZIL and Zaporozhets truck appeared. The ridiculous design of the car ridiculed Internet users.

The SUV depicted in the published photograph is a typical heavy truck from ZIL, only it borrowed the rear from the well-known Zaporozhets. In addition, the strange car received a kangaroo and additional illuminators in the front and rear. Apparently, such a car was built precisely from what the owner had on hand.

Such an SUV, despite its ridiculous design, could not fail to attract the attention of public subscribers. “Chupacabra”, “Mad Max in Russia”, “It looks like a GAZ-69,” network users rated the car.



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