The Alliance advanced to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF League this Thursday, after falling 1-0 at the home of the Taurus in Panama, but advanced by better score in the global, after 2-0 of the first leg.

The albos suffered in the initial minutes and fit the goal just at 4 ', when Freddy Gondola took advantage of a carelessness in the marks during a corner kick and defined alone, unleashing the celebration at Rommel Fernández.

But the albos knew how to recover in the next section and began to generate their football and were close to the tie over the last 15 of the first half. For the complement, the clash was more close and both clubs had chances to score, but those of Wilson Gutierrez were closer.

He pardoned Minicooper Soto in the second half, after a cross from the left of Juan Carlos Portillo and sent his shot, alone and halfway, to the left post of the Panamanian goalkeeper.

The Alliance, in this way, are the only Salvadoran team that stays alive in this edition of the CONCACAF League, which will give six places to the Champions League. Tickets will be for the four semifinalists and the two best losers in the quarterfinals.

The albos will face San Carlos de Costa Rica in the next stage. The Ticos eliminated Santa Tecla on penalties on Tuesday.

The albos began the encounter with the left foot, fitting the 1-0 of the bullfights just at four minutes, after a definition of Freddy Gondola, which ended up just a corner kick. He defined right between a sea of ​​legs. Rommel Fernández Stadium celebrated high up.

The albos tried at seven minutes with a header easily controlled by goalkeeper Acevedo and then the Panamanians tried again with a new poisonous center to the small area and that blocked the white defense, with the latest.

The celebration of Taurus after taking advantage. / EFE

Two more clear options Taurus had over the 13 minutes, with two balls to the small pachyderm area, where the capital's defenses became knotted, which also showed that the air game was a virtue of the locals, who almost opened the score of not by the interventions of the central defenders and Rafa García himself to cut clear shots to frame.

They returned to exchange shots in half an hour. First Raúl Peñaranda dismissed his shot in the rival area and in the next, Taurus sent a deflected cannon shot to the corner, but not before a scare since the ball was left on the roof of Garcia's goal, who looked defeated.

But as the clock progressed, the albos were removing the initial pressure of the Bull and began to generate their football, to have more time the ball and to better contain the Panamanian attacks.

The first 10 minutes passed without major risks until the albos, in an armed play from left to right, failed a clear goal option at 61 minutes, after a center of Portillo ended up crashing into the second post of the Acevedo goal, after a semi-empty goal shot that Herlbert Soto could not define. In the second option, Peñaranda finished off the rebound but was stopped by the goalkeeper.

The bullfighting team almost paid the whites for that price, but Enrico Small received a leaked pass from Julián Zea and took a stub that grazed Garcia's right post.

Both coaches moved cards after this action: Héctor "Pito" Ramos replaced Peñaranda in Alliance and Jorge Clement entered by captain Marcos Sánchez, in the local team. Then, at 76 ', Ezequiel Rivas replaced Juan Carlos Portillo.

In the final minutes the Elephant was more solid, but could not mark the tie. Despite this, he celebrated at Rommel Fernández.






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