Alejandro Sanz does not go through one of the best moments of his personal life, because on the one hand it came to light that he is in the process of divorce from Raquel Perera; and second, he lost a millionaire lawsuit against his former manager, Rosa Lagarrigue.

About his divorce he said he felt good and wanted to continue working. It is also known that the interpreter must pay 380 thousand pesos to his ex-wife for each of the children.

"I started with Alejandro from scratch when I was a Moratalaz kid and look where he came from. But for me it is difficult to talk because there are very serious problems involved. And I don't have an explanation either. The break was completely unilateral and with a current contract, it is to say, it was neither spoken nor agreed. What is very painful, of course, "he told a media outlet.



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