Aldi is radical: You can no longer buy these popular product brands

Aldi Nord and Süd are adjusting their assortment.

Aldi Nord and Süd are adjusting their assortment.

Photo: AP

at Aldi In the near future, popular products will disappear from the shelves.

Soon there will be Aldi South most likely no topstar coke anymore. And at Aldi North should be the popular Milsani dairy products history.

Not only these two products, but also many other own brands of the two AldiAccording to the "Lebensmittelzeitung", companies will soon no longer be sold in the stores.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd want to cooperate more closely in the future

At Aldi Süd, there are exclusively the brands Almare, Alpenmark, Amaroy, Milfina and Kokett. Aldi Nord sells the products under the brand names Hofburger, Landbeck, Markus and Milsani.

Some of them will soon be gone. By 2020, Aldi Nord and Süd want to make one single brand out of two own brands each.


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From the toilet paper brand Solo in the north becomes like Aldi Süd Kokett. Sun creams are sold under the name Ombra. In addition, GutBio has prevailed against the Aldi Süd brand "Bio". For fruit juices, there will only be the Rio d'oro brand in the future. For that, the brand Sunny will be canceled, reports Watson.

Aldi wants to renew its product marketing

The reason for this is product marketing. The two Aldis want to work closer together in the future.

Because of the different names and the different optics Aldi can not promote the regional brand products Germany-wide. And that wants to change the discounter.

The promotional products are also affected

In addition, the promotional offers will be adapted to each other in both – for non-food products such as tools, garden furniture, clothing and Co. (vh)

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