Health hazards exist with a popular product, which is available among others from Aldi and Real. It can contain metal pieces:

Update from September 12: Aldi Nord has announced that the supplier Delizza GmbH is now publicly recalling the promotional item "Trader Joe's Roasted Onions, 200 g" with all expiry dates up to and including 29.05.2020. A regional delimitation as in the original recall at the end of July, there is no longer.

Health hazard! This food at Real could contain bits of metal

Original message from September 11: Dusseldorf – A manufacturer from the Netherlands recalls roasted onions, which were sold among others at the retail chain Real in Germany. "It can not be ruled out that in some cases small metal fragments are in the product," said Real in a customer information published by the portal on Wednesday.

The product "TOP Taste Roasted Onions 280g" with the following lot numbers is affected:

All affected lot numbers have the expiration date 20.5.2020.

Real took the goods out of the sale. Customers could bring back already purchased articles, it was said. The purchase price will be refunded.

Real: Popular product can be hazardous to your health

In a separate communication, the Dutch manufacturer TOP Taste BV warned next to the products affected by Real also of "TOP Taste Roasted Onions 280g" with lot numbers L 9157 (best before date 4.6.2020) and L 9158 (5.6.2020).

Anyone who likes meat should be mindful of the latest purchases from Lidl and Netto. This variety should not be consumed under any circumstances. Also, a popular back product from Lidl currently has to be recalled. And the content of this beer can be dangerous.

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