After Manon Marsault, it’s Tiffany’s turn to post a child photo to respond to user reviews

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Accused of having touched up her face too much, Manon Marsault posted a photo of her teenager and she hit the bull’s eye! And against all odds, Tiffany is also suspected of having rebuilt her mouth. For some Internet users, the luscious lips of the pretty blonde are not natural. Tiffany therefore decided to respond to these few criticisms. And just like Manon Marsaullt, she did it by posting a photo of herself as a child. On the other hand, Tiffany went back even further than adolescence, since she published a snapshot of her at the age of 3 years. A photo that you can discover below. And it is chewable!

Tiffany child
Tiffany child

“So, mouth redone? # 3 years old”Tiffany wrote on her Instagram account. And the least we can say is that his mouth has not changed at all! Besides, we recognize Tiffany well in this photo. Same mouth, same nose and same hair color: that’s it! And we can say that she was a very pretty little girl. A beauty that she obviously kept growing! Speaking of Tiffany, know that many Internet users reacted to his break up with Raphaël Pépin. When writing melty, we were very surprised to learn it and above all, we find it a shame … They went so well together!



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