After corona party: Schalke star Amine Harit punished hard

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Football professional Amine Harit (22) from Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 visited a bar despite the coronavirus pandemic. His club responds.

It was ultimately an expensive excursion that Amine Harit (22) allowed himself a few days ago. The midfielder of the Bundesliga soccer club FC Schalke 04 visited an hookah bar in Essen despite urgent calls to avoid contact in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, in order to attend a party there with ten other people. The police broke up the party in the middle of the night and warned everyone present. Due to the current regulations, the bar should not have opened.

Harits Verein Schalke 04 did not leave it at warning words in view of this lack of discipline. According to information from this editorial team, the Moroccan international has to pay a heavy fine and also make a donation to an aid project run by the Ultras Gelsenkirchen. The “Ruhrnachrichten” had first reported on these punishments.

Harit earns around 3.5 million a year at Schalke

The Schalker managers could not get the exact sum. It was only emphasized that it was a “hefty fine” that should not be insensitive to Harit. The offensive player has earned around 3.5 million euros a year since his contract was extended last autumn at Schalke. Accordingly, a six-figure sum can be assumed.

Ultras Gelsenkirchen, Schalke 04 and the “Schalke helps” foundation want to help people in need in Gelsenkirchen during the Corona crisis. Grocery boxes filled with groceries can be ordered by phone, which Schalker fans can then deliver to the front door in compliance with all hygienic regulations. This exemplary campaign now receives prominent support.

Schalke 04 had confirmed Harit’s wrongdoing after the case became public. “It is true that Amine was there with a friend because the blanket fell on his head at home,” said Schalke board member Jochen Schneider to the Bild newspaper. A walk outdoors would have been the more sensible option for the S04 professional .



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