Adiev announced his departure from Akhmat. He came to the club 10 days ago

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Head coach of Akhmat Magomed Adiev announced his resignation from the Grozny club.

“Today I made a difficult decision not to continue my work as a head coach of FC Akhmat. This decision was very difficult for me, but after weighing the pros and cons, I decided that it would be better for the team.

Probably, I could work as a second coach in any other club, forgetting about my ambitions. In any other than Akhmat. Here, at home, I miss everything through myself too much, too emotional, which means that my emotions can interfere with the team and the head coach.

In addition, all the talk that Adiev should become the next head coach of Akhmat does not benefit either the team or the coaching staff. At the crucial moment, the most important thing for the team is a calm and systematic work, and the fewer various annoying factors, the better for everyone. I believe that Igor Mikhailovich will cope with the tasks assigned to him and help the team fix the situation in the standings.

The decision is not easy for me also because Igor Mikhailovich himself insisted that I continue to work. An excellent trusting relationship remains between me and Shalimov, but that’s why I don’t want to stop him from doing his job.

After a long and difficult conversation with the club president, we came to a complete understanding. I am grateful to the club management, who made my decision and in the interests of the team went to meet me. Many thanks to the president of the club Magomed Daudov and everyone who believed in me. Thanks to the fans who greeted me so warmly here. I believe that from now on the team will delight you with their game and results. Good luck, “Akhmat”! ”Adiev wrote in his“ Instagram ”.

Recall that Adiev took the post of head coach at Akhmat in early October.

Former Anji mentor Adiev will help Shalimov in Akhmat


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