She tried to buy her daughter's entrance to the university. Actress Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to two weeks in prison as part of a massive corruption scandal. The 56-year-old actress, who became known worldwide for her role in the television series "Desperate Housewives", pleaded guilty in May.

Felicity Huffman admitted to having paid $ 15,000 to the head of a company specializing in SAT entry training at American universities, so that her eldest daughter's results could be improved.

Biggest case of this kind ever tried in the United States

The actress is the first, about thirty parents charged in this affair that has splashed the jet set, to know his sentence. This is the biggest corruption case for college entry ever in the United States.

The scandal erupted in mid-March: the former boss of a specialized exam preparation company, William Singer, had admitted to having set up a well-honed system, ranging from cheating to exams to bribery. university athletic coaches to ensure the admission of these children of good society to reputable universities such as UCLA, the University of Southern California, Yale, Georgetown or Stanford.

She was risking a month in jail

William Singer, who would have received a total of about $ 25 million, collaborated with the investigators and recorded his conversations with several parents, including Felicity Huffman.

Boston's federal prosecutor had asked Judge Indira Talwani for a month in jail, arguing that wealthy parents could not corrupt the admissions system with impunity.

In total, 50 people were prosecuted in this corruption case, including about thirty parents, for some business owners or lawyers. Some have paid up to $ 6.5 million to facilitate the entry of their children into a prestigious university.


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