A 14-year-old girl was killed while sleeping due to the explosion of her smartphone while charging. The tragedy would have occurred after overheating of the device, which was also "active" during the incident.

During the night of 28-29 September, Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek fell asleep listening to music with her smartphone as she lay on her pillow, charging. The 14-year-old girl was found dead the next morning after the explosion.

According to the authorities, the phone battery exploded violently and the young resident of Bastobe, a small village in Kazakhstan, died as a result of severe head injuries. His relatives called for help but it was already too late to revive. When the ambulance arrived, staff found that the death had occurred several hours ago.

Solicitation of the battery during charging, special conditions and technical defects

The aircraft was loading during the accident while playing music at the same time. The authorities think that it is an overheating that caused the explosion of the smartphone. However, they did not want to reveal the brand of the device.

smartphone explosion kills teenager 14 years during sleep


Anyway, and although the device was in an environment overheated (on a pillow), a smartphone should not under any circumstances explode in such conditions of use. In the worst case scenario, if overheating due to any reason threatens the integrity of the battery and the device, the device is supposed to go out to prevent such an accident. Which was not the case here, suggesting that the explosion is most likely due to a defect in the device, manufacturing or design.

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" We are always together since our childhood Says her best friend, Ayazhan Dolasheva, on social media, saying that Ala was "the best" for her. " It's so hard for me without you. I miss you so much. You left me forever ".

Alua's death is not the first to be due to mobile phones this year. Indeed, a young Russian woman, Evgenia Shulyatyeva, was killed when her smartphone, also in full charge, slipped her hands while she took a bath. Only 26 years old, she died on the scene after being electrocuted.


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