The PS5 design is one of the great unknowns of Sony's new generation console. If we take as a starting point the lines that the Japanese company has used in PS4 it is easy to think of an approach markedly minimalist, with angular lines and without great details, quite the opposite of what we see in the attached image.

The designs of this image have been extracted from a patent that Sony recently registered in Brazil. They do not refer to any specific device, but the source of the news, LetsGoDigital, says it could be one of the designs that the Japanese company I would be considering using on PS5. It is evident that having nothing confirmed it is impossible to discard it, but on a personal basis I think it is unlikely that we are going to design that in the new Sony console.

The design was registered on August 13, 2019 and does not expire until 2029, so it is clear that it is something that for Sony has a certain value. If we analyze in depth what we see in the images we will realize that there is a fairly "aggressive" line, a large number of connectors on the front and space for the optical drive on the left. The fins and openings present in the housing have a very simple explanation, and that would allow to create A good air flow.

PS5 is going to be a fairly powerful console that will be equipped with a processor Zen 2 and a Radeon Navi 10 GPU, so you will need a good dissipation system to avoid temperature problems. With this in mind that design and those openings make sense, but as I said before the design in general is a very radical change compared to what we have seen in previous generations and I do not quite see it in a commercial product.

It occurs to me, however, that Sony could have decided to use this design in their PS5 development kits, that is, on the systems that you will send to developers so they can schedule games for your new console. This idea "squeaks" me less, but we can't take it for granted either, so it's time to wait for reliable filtration or for Sony to decide to run the thick halo of mystery that still surrounds its next-generation console.

If everything goes according to plan the launch of PS5 will occur during the second half of this year. It will be a system designed, mainly, to play in 4K resolutions maintaining 60 FPS and will have an estimated price of 499 euros.


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