FOOD – In 2011, Nolan, who was addicted to a Lidl ground beef steak contaminated with E. coli, died at the age of 10 on September 14th. To help her family cope with the costs of her death, a pot has been started.

Nolan's intoxication, which was then just under two years old, left the child paralyzed and mentally handicapped. A "long ordeal" for the boy and his family, which has also generated significant costs, according to their lawyer.

Nolan's parents "have been heavily indebted to support Nolan and have no money for funeral expenses," said Rault, arguing that the manager of the supplier Lidl, sentenced to a 50,000 euro fine, had not "paid any damages" to the family of Nolan for the moment. "Nolan's parents are in despair and utter destitution," she said.

To help them with some of the funeral expenses, Ségolene Wozniak, presented by France3 as the mother of another poisoned victim, thus launched a kitty after the declarations of the lawyers. "I appeal to your good heart to help this family in distress and will have to assume all the financial formalities when it does not necessarily have the means," she wrote on the site Leetchi.

The amount of the pot, opened on September 15, has not been made public. But in less than 48 hours, 1408 people had already participated and more than 300 messages from all over France were published to welcome the initiative and support the family of Nolan.

Fifteen children had been infected with Lidl steaks, with significant sequelae.

At the time of his conviction on appeal, counsel for the manager had indicated that he was serious about filing an appeal on points of law. After Nolan's death, the family's lawyer said she hoped he would give it up. "Nolan's parents hope that they will one day come to deserve decency and compassion," she said.

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