Despite the beaten front, the car was preserved in almost perfect condition.

The author of the YouTube channel "In the garage at Sandro", which specializes in disassembling cars, shared a review of the Skoda Octavia in the back of the A7 after an accident. Under the hood, Skoda has a 1.4-liter TSI engine with 150 hp. working in tandem with the box "automatic" DSG. The car of 2016 of release is executed in a complete set of Hockey Edition.

According to the expert, he bought this car almost four times cheaper than the market price for 220 thousand rubles. As a result of the accident, the engine was damaged, the gearbox and the generator fell apart. The air conditioning compressor and starter lay in the trunk and went in addition to the car.

But examining the exterior of the car, the specialist notes the almost perfect condition of the body with the exception of the front end. “Apparently, the owner of the Skoda Octavia was careful about the car, but maybe he was just out of luck,” adds the reviewer. The car interior also looks like new. In a collision, the frontal airbags were deployed. The heated windshield remains intact. All sensors on the dashboard display system malfunctions, but the specialist will disassemble and put up for sale the internal elements of the car.

Due to such carelessness or inexperience of the driver, the Skoda Octavia will be in almost perfect condition to go for disassembly and sale. “A gun that will never fire,” the surveyor explains.



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