While we thought that Hideo Kojima's presence at Gamescom 2019 was only intended to inflate the somewhat already oversized ego of a certain Geoff Kighley, that a clever little one seems to have taken all the risks to capture a video indite … ATTENTION SPOILERS.

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The very mysterious and quite expected Death Stranding has just been revealed a little more the occasion of the German fairbut behind a dark black curtain, in order to maintain a little more its impenetrable character.

The YouTube channel RePorter Bridges has indeed managed to capture the sequence Behind these famous curtains, and actually benefit the curious you are, even if it will be necessary to iron to obtain a video of better quality.

In these few minutes of cinematics, the character of Die-Hardman introduces Amlie (Lindsay Wagner) as "the face of the new America". The hero Sam incarnated by Norman Reedus will have for mission to carry on his shoulders the inheritance of Amlie, whose body rests "somewhere on the beach". Sam will have to participate in the union of continental cities, to give rise to the United Cities of America, despite the failure of a first team three years ago.

Amlie will likely be able to communicate with Sam throughout the adventure, despite being a hostage of the Homo Demens group, spartan soldiers who have taken the city of Edge Knot who will no doubt recall the Skulls Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Bread.

The survival of humanity here would depend squarely on the union of the peoples of America, a dream taken by the Homo Demens, which Sam will have to do alone on the scene., setting off towards the West Coast, not without activating some terminals in passing. And bring Amlie home, just to make the move profitable.

This sequence which our Joniwan would doubtless qualify as "dedjgeulasse", since it stinks with a hidden camra, allows us all the same to leave a little bit of the fog, discovering why Sam will launch alone the onslaught of the American continent.

If you are still waiting for your servant to discover what Hideo Kojima's new game will offer, let's remember that Death Stranding will be released on PlayStation 4 on November 8th.



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